Just got a new puppy

Hey everyone my roomate and I just got a brand new puppy. We picked him up for free at the Peoples Park in Taichung. We think he’s a lab or a retriever but not sure. He’s 2 months old and would like some advice. When should we put a flee collar on him and how about the vet. Are they expensive in Taiwan, if you know any good ones in Taichung City please let me know.


Don’t put a flea collar on him until he’s at least 6 months old - actually, he’ll probably never need one. Take him to a vet right away. If he’s really 2 months old, you can start shots soon. Show us a picture and I’ll tell you if he’s a lab or a golden…
Get a book about training dogs if you haven’t yet…

ok here’s a pic

Stare, honestly you might want to consider this book
amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/ … 32-5808824

it’s called The Perfect Puppy. I believe it will be a GREAT help to you.

Also, you can check our website: animalstaiwan.org/petcare.html

There are some great links there which would be of great use to you and offer you good advice.

Good luck with your new one,


Cute puppy! :scooby: :slight_smile: He’s not a lab or a golden, although he may very well have some of those genes running through him. I think he’s a one hundred percent purebred “mi ke su”, as the locals like to say. In other words, he’s a mix. Looks like a lovely animal and I’m sure you’ll have years of happiness together. Remember, the more he’s trained, the happier you’ll both be. :wink:

Thanks for the help.