Just moved to Pingzhen (平鎮) from the US, would like some advice on meeting people

I’m honestly still quite new to Taiwan aside from childhood and teenage years of visiting😂 I still don’t quite know what’s a county, city, village, etc.
I know it’s basically Zhongli? Hope that gives you a better clue.

I was warned by my cousins and my aunt lol I know this is a fact. If I were to go to Taipei I’d probably just hit the HSR.

You can just say the city. So Zhongli is basically downtown Taoyuan, so you live in Taoyuan City.

To answer your question, many foreigners who move to Taiwan seem to be able to easily make friends at language exchange events (where you help each other out practicing the language you are learning) or interest-based activities (hiking, cycling, etc.) posted in Facebook groups. You could look into that.


Also, Taiwanese love organizing large group (10-15) road trips, where you rent a couple of cars and drive to a beach town or the mountains or something and stay at a large vacation house for a couple of nights. People usually invite friends from different social circles (in order to fill up the house so each person can pay as little as possible), so everyone will be meeting someone new.

If you can get yourself invited to one of those, then you’ll hit the jackpot and meet a lot of new people (especially if you keep in touch and further invite them to meet up and bring their friends).

As far as dating goes, just focus on expanding your social circle first. Make new friends even if you don’t find them particularly attractive or interesting. They will have good-looking and interesting friends.


I really appreciate the advice. I haven’t heard of these “road trips” before so it’s kind of interesting. How would you suggest I try to find some of these? Maybe hitting some language exchange events and hopefully meeting the right people through that, or is there like an easier more direct way of going about it?

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Yes, you’ll need to make a few friends first. A road trip requires more commitment and trust, so you won’t find people advertising them randomly in Facebook groups.

Do you like snorkeling or free diving? You’ll meet the most beautiful women in Taiwan in those Facebook groups. Just be warned: They go for the Instagram photos, so you might have to be their cameraman.


All this at the train station? Nice!

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Sorry to break this to you, but Pingzhen is a really dead and boring district. Pretty much nothing to do there. Also you will need a car or at least a bike to go to most places.

Do you NEED to live there? Taoyuan has livelier districts as well

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He seems to be living in the family home?


Well I currently live here in an apartment that used to be my grandmas (who passed 2 years ago) so for now yes, I need to live here. Transportation and commuting is not really an issue for me. I have my ways. I guess I’m more so trying to see where the best places to hang around are.

is this a code phrase that allows one to enter some realm of pleasure only you know about?

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??? Not quite understand this?? To me Centre/Downtown as you call it should be in 桃園區 (Taoyuan District) and more exact near the train station. Zhongli is not in 桃園區(Taoyuan District) .

Taoyuan district is literally downtown Taoyuan. Zhongli is basically downtown too.

Context matters. In my previous posts I was asking if the OP lives in the middle of the mountains. Compared to that, Zhongli is basically downtown Taoyuan.

I still do not understand, if I say Downtown Taoyuan it is outside the Taoyuan Station, Zhongli is IS NOT downtown Taoyuan (Zhongli is 30minutes+ away by car from the Taoyuan rail station and has its own station)
Pingzhen is next to Zhongli, like Lingya and XinXing Dist. in Kaohsuing are next to each other and I walk across to get to my office.

Sanduo is downtown in Kaohsiung, Shijia/KH85 is basically downtown too, Yancheng is basically downtown too, and Northern KH around the KH Arena is basically downtown too. All of those places have their own MRT stations and are far away from one another.

I live in Sizhiwan, and if I go “downtown” on a weekend, I go to Yancheng/Pier 2. There is hardly any reason for me to go to Sanduo. If you live in Pingzhen I would assume you’d go to Zhongli on the weekends, and not to Taoyuan District.

But yes, you are correct. If I can only pick one downtown in Taoyuan, then I would pick Taoyuan District. In KH, it will probably be Sanduo.

You seem to make a lot of assumptions. :thinking:



I’ve never lived in Pingzhen. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes that is clear. And to be fair you seem to spend your time in K-town and enjoy it, so that part is good. But people actually do get around, move around—as seen in the original poster’s work up in Fuxing. In short, in no way will everyone only hang around Zhongli Station as their presumed “downtown.” :rofl:



Why not? :man_shrugging:t2: I would. There are enough restaurants there to try that will last me at least a couple of years’ worth of weekends.

I’d only occasionally go to Taoyuan District.

You’re not too far from Taoyuan Arts Centre. That’s quite nice.