Just moved to Taiwan. Wanna drive a motorcycle

Here’s the situation:

I just moved to Kaohsiung a few weeks ago. My Taiwanese girlfriend is helping me get acclimated and she’s currently driving me everywhere on her scooter. I’d like to get a motorcycle so I can be more independent.

I don’t have an IDL and really only minimal training (I took a motorcycle course years ago in the USA but don’t remember anything I learned, even how to shift). What would be the best way to go about learning? I definitely don’t want to get on these roads without SOME training or practice. Can I obtain a license here without an ARC? I’m staying here currently with a Visa-free entry and have to leave the country every 90 days until we get married and then I will move forward with obtaining residency. I’m going to get an ID card this week, which will give me a government-issued ID number that, from what I understand, will allow me to do much of what the ARC will allow me to do (phone bills, bank accounts, etc).

I understand that I could just get a scooter and drive it without a license, as many people do. I used to own a scooter in the states and just felt like a big dork driving it…

To get training and to get a license are different, separated things here. You can get either of them independently, but I suggest you to get familiar with the environment until you get that ARC, then go for the license and then… just take it easy :smiley:

As long as you know how to ride a bicycle, the scooter is the same just a little faster. My training was to ride in a parking lot for 3 minutes :slight_smile: Once you ge the ARC, getting the license is really easy

you need to understand Taiwan culture in order to drive, not understand how to operate a motorcycle. No sarcasm at all,i truly mean this, understand the Taiwanese logic and way of moving around and you will avoid many hospital visits. you cannot drive legally and safely at the same time, it is simply an oxymoron here. a bicycle might be wise first, get used to the road. lots of people get messed up and/or dead here on the road, do be careful. license is simply a formality and a fee, lack of one is simply a way of losing your court case in times of problems.

Go and see Louis at Louis Scooter Rentals, 32 Jiuru 1st Road. He’ll give you a driving lesson if he’s not too busy … and help you buy a bike, too.