Just past beginner class needed

How well do you speak Chinese?
I’ve jumped from school to school, with some at- home tutoring thrown in, over the past four months. I’m now at Guo U Ru Bao (how do you speel it out in Pinyin???) and I’m really liking the school, but the class I’m in is too advanced for me. I could probably catch up to them if I had the time, but work and work and more work eat up the hours in my day.
Right now we’re on Chapter 15 in the Practical Audio-Visual Chinese. I’d like to go back to about Chapter 8 and learn it over again.
I can read characters up to about Chapter 8, but I’m all mixed up.

Anyway, I’m looking for some people (or even just one person, to help defray costs) who are at about my level, who want to learn to read and write, and who want to take class about three times a week on weeknights after 6:30.

Sound like you?
Someone you know?
Pass on this info. Cheers!

A friend is taking the chinese classes now with a private tutor. He is just finished Lesson 8, and starting lesson 9.
He do reading, writing and listening. He needs another classmate to share the money.
But his available time is in the morning, now he is taking the 9-11 am classes from Monday to Friday. and 8 to 10 is ok for him either. He is someone who really wanna study chinese.
If you’re looking for someone to study in Guo Yu Ri Bao as 2-1, then forget about this. Because he is very satisfied with his tutor teacher. If it doesn’t make different with the place to study, then you can think about it. But he only take the morning class and it will be 5 days a week.