Just what is reseller hosting?

I saw this “Reseller Plan 895 per Month” on a website. It got me wondering:

Just what is reseller hosting? Why does Google show so many hits? Is it a business? I suspect it is…


You’re a web page company. You offer something like: “Full Web Page Design! One year free hosting on a high speed connection! Only $100! Buy Now!”

Now, what they do is they put all the web pages on another computer - they don’t actually have the server in their living room. Instead they hire a bunch of space from a reseller hosting company, and put the pages they design there. Each client will have their own directory, and their domain name (www.imasucka.com) will go straight to that directory. They just throw up a half arsed web page, get a litle money, then wait a year to charge you $25 a month. Sucka!

The company that sells them the server is selling reseller hosting (web host). The company that sells the web pages + hosting is the reseller. The guy who pays for all this is usually the sucker.