Yes, the raw material.

Not interested in finished products like bags or mats, unless they’re cheap and easy to pick apart.

I’d only like square or rectangle pieces of jute to do artsy things with them. And I have no idea where to look for that kind of thing in Taipei.

You mean already woven in sheets, or just the cord or raw fiber in bulk?

Already woven in sheets, that’s right.

I’m of Anglo-Saxon extraction myself, but I believe you can find some in southeastern England.

Jute mats are used under the more upscale style rugs. There’s a Persion rug store in Tienmu just before you get to Tienmu East road. They advertise in the China Post (I think). I’m sure you could get some trimmings from them or get the name of a supplier. Salesguy speaks English.

There are plenty of fabric wholesalers round where I live (Datong District, Taibei City). What quantity do you need?

at the very end of Nanjing west rd turn right and go about 250meters
On the right hand side you will see a 5 story building which houses about
200 fabric salers, I am sure you will find your jute there.

Hey jute, don’t make it bad.
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Remember to let her under your skin,
Then you’ll begin to make it
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Na na na na na ,na na na, hey jute . . . . :yay:

Thanks all for your suggestions.
Marc G, I went to the building you suggested, which is actually called the Yongle market on Dihua Street, and it is amazing, 3 floors full with all kinds of fabrics, textiles, dresses, bags, linens, you name it. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t find the jute.

To start, I only need small squares or rectangles, even a dozen would be enough. But if my project turns out right, I might be looking for a steady supplier.