Kamala Harris 2020




I was a registered democrat until 2016 and have never voted republican for the presidency and have rarely done so for governor or congress. No possible scenario could have led me to voting for Hills in the last election and, of the announced candidates…Gabbard is the only person I’ve heard of that I would even remotely consider voting for (though I like Andrew Yang’s ideas quite a lot). The Republicans in the last election had a busy ticket but a lot more choices than the democrats are rolling out.


Check out @SteveGuest’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/SteveGuest/status/1090099887360884737

Yes, don’t use private health insurance. Having choices is bad for you! What if you make the wrong one?? The government knows better! You should become more dependant on it…yes, vote for me…

So even her policies suck, not just her.


Karma Karma Karma Karma
Karma Kamala Harris
You come and go
You come and go

She should play that at her rallies.


Interesting that to date the most effective attack on Harris (ho ho ho) comes from the left.

Just wait until Gillibrand pops her head up. Many (if not most) Democrats west of Lake Erie and south of Bethesda blame Gillibrand for taking down Democrat media darling and Minnesota’s favorite son Al Franken - even though Franken offered his seat up to her in the way that female mugging victims in South America will line up to toss peacefully their purses into the backseat of their mugger’s car.

Anyway, I suspect that two things are true so far. The urban, American left has no idea how much damage Willie Brown has done to Harris’s reputation especially (and secondly) among the staid, moderate Democrats living in, say, Al Franken’s mid-America.


I think what might hurt her more is how polished and professional she comes across. The appeal of Trump to his voters has always been talking of the cuff. She’s quite the opposite, very well spoken, very well prepared, but at the same time vague and calculated. Guess a lot of people are tired of Trump and will want to go back to “normal,” but on the other hand a lot of people, especially on the left, don’t want to go back to “Obama-normal” and would prefer a more progressive candidate. On the right, I doubt that Trump will run again, he might “not be available” or he might realize that he can’t pull that stunt of again after looking at his approval ratings. I expect someone like Kasich be the next candidate. But I am from Europe, what do I know? :slight_smile:


Ah, the old “not electable” argument.

It all depends on whom the’re running against. It’s always depended on whom they’re running against.


He’s already running again. (He declared months ago.) The major factors likely to impact his popularity in the future are (a) recession, if there is one, and (b) war, if there is one.


And don’t forget c: Russia!!!


I think that, while he may face some early primary contenders he will emerge as the GOP nominee in 2020.

The biggest threat may come from a third party of moderates (a threat to both the Rs and the Ds), but so far no sign of the political infrastructure building that’s necessary to success.


OK, what I meant is, he’s not going to be one of the candidates you can elect when it’s time to do so. But then, I predicted he would be gone by now…


If they find dirt on the candidate early in the race, just imagine what they’ll find out later…


That’s hard to say. This looked like a calculated attempt to get the dirt out early.


I never thought he would win in the first place, but here we are.


Agree it’s better to come clean early.


Just the dirt that people already know about. They’ll save the really good stuff for later.


BREAKING NEWS: Kamala Harris didn’t suck Willie’s dong: it was the other way around


Wait…Willie sucked her dong?


Yeah, this goes to character imo. If it’s Harris’s character to swap sex for power, then it’s likely Brown wasn’t the last (or even the first), and evidence of other shortcuts is bound to be unearthed later.


Current year intensifies!