The Kamala Harris thread

She’s in full debate mode already.

She probably has a good chance to go far in the primaries.

Loved by the establishment and the main stream media, but not as unlikable as Hillary. She can be aggressive, but has a winning smile.

Good age and not as inexperienced as some of her opponents and potential opponents.

Will appeal to women and people of all sorts of color.

When she goes to her talking points, she feels a bit too rehearsed.

Will be hated by the far left and right alike.

OK, start firing, @IbisWtf:slight_smile:

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Harris and Gabbard are going to split the Indian vote against the faux-Indian, Pocahontas.
A real cat fight.
Would love Billary to come back and have only fems in the Dems’ primaries.

“What do you say to people that you don’t have the experience to be the CinC?”


She speaks well.

She’s clearly more likeable than the native scam, and BetaBoi is exploring the potential of a career as a blogger so I doubt he’ll run.

I prefer my Tulsi Waifu, but considering the amount (and the kind) of press attention that Harris got, it’s easy to see the dems primaries are already over before voters even get a chance.

The annoying thing is that with Harris as the dems candidate we’ll get another two years of every single main stream media outlet, pundit and Reddit user constantly race baiting and doing mental gymnastics in order to explain how anything about anyone is racist (hello Covington!) and Harris is the only one who can fix it.

I was hoping they’d try to run a white guy and move away from identity politics, but there’s no escape from current year.

Her speech tends to be a bit sloppy at times, with a healthy dose of nasal sound.

Still a few white males they could run.

Nah, not going to happen. Dems primaries will look like a reboot of Ghostbusters 2016.

This comment seems to be rather ironic. Ideally shouldn’t they just run the best candidate, black, white, asian, man or woman? I don’t think they will do that, but “I was hoping they’d try to run a white guy” really? Kind of sounds a lot like the identity politics you hate.

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I read it as intentional ironic sarcasm, but I see where you are.

The best candidate from a political point of view is the one with the best chance of winning. And of course they will define that in terms of identity politics, because that’s how they think.

She’s right out of Central Casting. A designer candidate. In the short term, that’s her strength. In the long term, it can be used to paint her as a tool of the establishment.

She’s got an excellent chance of winning the primary - much as Bubbette did. In the general, it will be a choice between a calculating Republican and a calculated Democrat.

To win the presidency, she needs to show somehow that she’s more than just something that popped out of an equation. Because Trump did not pop out of anybody’s equation.

She will be folded, spindled, stapled and mutilated.

Yes, i wasn’t exactly clear so i can see the misunderstanding: what i meant is that if they run a white guy they would have been forced to move away from identity politics and focus on actual policies. So my hope of them presenting a white guy as presidential candidate has nothing to do with the candidate being a white guy per se, but rather with the different political approach that they would have been forced to make.

Of course there’s a chance that Harris’ campaign will be based 100% on actual policies with no “mah minorities, mah women” bullshit, but I have 0 faith in that.

That applies to both parties, right…?

Most of the time I’d say so, but the God Emperor has proven that it’s possible to break the conditioning even when donors, the media and your own party are against you.
Is he a modern Jesus? That’s not up to me to say. But yes.

So far, I’ve seen Kamala do nothing but spout off progressive talking points. My favorite was when she grilled Pompeo about climate change during his CIA confirmation hearing. It was totally comical. Plus, she always looks like she’s constipated. At least there’s medicine for that.

Didn’t pick up on the sloppy. The nasal’s the California accent, with what I would say is a healthy dose of African-American.

Their identity politics began with the candidacy of JFK, who was technically a white guy.

Race is a social construct. I’d mention the name they used to call the Irish but that wouldn’t go over well with the mods.

He might be a modern bar Kokhba. Time will tell. Jesus hated politics.


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I cleared that up.

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Oh ok. ha ha. That makes sense-ish. (Although there is no reason why a non white person cannot move away from identity politics. And defining moving away from identity politics in terms of race is not very logical)