The Kamala Harris thread

One can only hope, but in the current state of the democratic party i see it very hard.

Not in terms of race, but in terms of political campaign, pandering etc. I’m really not looking forward to Obama Campaign 2.0:“If you don’t like Harris you’re racist!”, with the extra bonus of:“and you also hate women!”.

Still sounds like “lets have a white guy becasue running a non white woman is racist”

Its just not very logicalisticalistic sounding like.

What if someone said “I am only going to consider buying a black car, because buying another color would be choosing a car based on its color”

P.S. By the way, I actually get your point. Its just it seems to have a bit of a hole in it no? Its like all these people have identities and identify politics but white people don’t. Like a black car doesn’t have any color

I don’t think the nasal voice is a California accent, and she’s not African American. I think it’s just the way her voice sounds.

Perhaps. I thought I picked up some New York notes at first, but she’s from Oakland I think. I definitely associate the nasal enunciation with CA. She wouldn’t have to be African-American literally, of course, so not sure of your point.

My wild guess is that BetaBoi and Tulsi wouldn’t focus too much on identity politics in their campaign, while Harris would dive into it head first. The native scam I won’t even consider her.

I don’t know if I expressed my thoughts well enough, maybe my English is not up to par. I don’t care weather the candidate is white, black, yellow, brown or purple, but over the last 10~ years I’ve seen the race/gender card being used non stop by the democratic party. The reason why i’d prefer a white guy to be their candidate, is that suddenly they couldn’t use the:“If you don’t vote for BetaBoi you hate women and minorities!”. Or well, they could use it, but it would sound really dumb.
Identity politics are a cancer, so any chance that their party could move away from them is something I’d welcome. I’d prefer Tulsi over Harris also for this reason, I feel Tulsi would campaign without playing the race/gender card. At least I hope so, she’s my waifu.

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Well, she spent most of her childhood in Canada, and neither of her parents is African American, so I’'m not sure where she’d pick up an African-American accent (unless it was an affectation). I think she just has a nasal voice.

If she has spent time in that community then she could pick it up. Whether either of her parents are African-American is irrelevant.

Yes, the large African American community in Montreal. :sunglasses:

She’s been living in CA for years, not sure what you’re on about. AND her parents were always active in the Civil Rights movement from when she was small. Probably not with your average Habitant

I guess my point is that to my ear, her way of speaking sounds neither Californian nor African American. I spent most of my American life living right next to Oakland, and that’s not the way African Americans from there sound. She speaks pretty standard English with a nasal sound that probably just comes from the structure of her face.

That you should know better than me.

At least she doesn’t try to speak in a fake African American accent like Hillary or Obama, which is a point in her favor.

Does her accent sound a bit Russian? Please tell me it sounds a tiny little bit Russian, I need the memes.
I’m terrible at recognizing English accents.

What would be cool is if she spoke in a full Jamaican accent (she may have learned it from her dad). I might even vote for that.

Non-starter for me.


She’s a Democrat and they’re all about identity politics, i.e. kryptonite to the USA.

Canadian background. The US has no need of any Canadian perspective forced onto Americans citizens, outside (maybe) Hollywood. Not having it.

For her to be a starter (for me), she would have to leave the Democrat party and run as an Independent or a Republican. There is no way to simply take up again the kinds of globalist foreign and domestic policies we endured in the last term of President Obama.

No valid Democrats have yet emerged, I’m afraid.

What if Uncle Biden promised to give up his little girl habit?

Congratulations, you now make complete geajvop certified logisticalistical sense!

I just googled Betaboi and got this:

Apparently he does quite literally play the rayce card :grin:


Biden would have to denounce the identity politics of the Democrat party first.

That would get him my ear. Would definitely be a start.

Until the identity politics goes, though, nah. No Democrats. I’d happily vote for Eric Trump first.

No Democrat candidate will do that, not even the ones who don’t believe in it. They just can’t afford to alienate such a big chunk of their constituency.

W-T-F I didn’t know that thing even existed!!! Now I NEED Beto to be the dems candidate! Step aside Tulsi, the Beta Boi memes would be outstanding!

Beto best Waifu!


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