Kamala Harris 2020


Yeah my use would be completely colloquial in the middle of the US. Fortunately I don’t teach. :sweat_smile:


#metoo. :joy:


What happened then was the Repubs overplayed their hand. They tried to make it a moral outrage when most people saw it as just pathetic. Bubba still hasn’t lived it down, by the way. He will always be known as the president of the bimbo eruptions.

As long as they don’t overplay it this time, it can easily damage Kamala by making it impossible to look at her and not snicker. Every time she opens her mouth a certain visual will come to mind. She wants to sell herself as a missionary for social justice, but that’s not the position she’s in.

It’s the jokes and memes that will do her in. Her only hope is if her opponents make the mistake of playing it serious. Otherwise, she’s going down.

And those people who protest angrily they don’t care will look sad and humorless. Anyone who can’t laugh at this has a heart of stone.


It doesn’t bother you that she slept her way to the top?


Well played. :grin:


I’d be much more interested in what she plans to do if she were to get the job of President.


What I’m getting so far is: borders bad, guns bad, people becoming more and more dependant on the government good.



she’ll do so much eye-brow lifting as a president that a new fashion will arise, rap stars will create songs about it, schools will open up to learn how to do it, etc.


That’s looking like it’s going to be an impossibility on this site.


did she get some weight?


They say semen is high in calories.


Sleep her way to Secretary-General of the United Nations? :grin:



Kamela’s news conference after just attending the Willie Brown Institute for Furthering One’s Public Affairs Career


You reckon Tulsi is into that ?_?


That sounds more probable than sleeping her way through the 60 million plus votes she is going to need to win the Presidency, that one she is going to have to win on the merits of her policy positions.


I don’t think you understand how American politics works. :sunglasses:


With so many Democrats having thrown their hat into the 2020 ring, they should have Democratic Big Brother tv reality series, like Celebrity Big Brother. The winner is the party’s candidate.
Throw them all into a room and see them backstab each other, form secret alliances, win/lose outrageous contests, be Head of Houeshold, etc. That show I would definitely watch.


Isn’t this pretty much how it works now?


If that was the analogy, then in the last election Hillary bought the show and made sure the producers humiliated all the other contestants while only capturing her at her best.


She was asleep?

Now that’s kinky.