Kamala Harris 2020


Wouldn’t surprise me if reality TV is rigged.

It’s all about the ratings anyway. And so is reality TV.


Here’s somebody arguing that Kamala is great because she’s black:


Black, among other things.

But, seriously. Is she blacker than, say, Rachel Delozal?

You could argue that it doesn’t matter and that you don’t care. If so, make that argument to this guy. He’s got a comments section.

As for his other points, they amount to what I might generously call interpretation. Lots and lots of interpretation. Starting with her supposedly being black.

Race baiting: you’re doing it wrong.


I looked into her and she’s ironically a strong hardliner on cracking down prostitution lol. She fought every bill to decriminalize sex work throwing prostitutes in jail and worked on bills that shut down online back pages making prostitutes go back on the streets where it’s more dangerous.


Same thing as the gun grabbers and the champagne socialists and the big corporations who support regulation. What they’re all against is competition from the up and comers.



Did I miss this? What is going on?


“our vibranium isn’t going anywhere”

I think she meant to say “vibrator”


So BJ Harris has ties with the Black Panthers…?


She’s into pop culture! She’s just like us!

Just to recap how the media reports on the dems presidentital candidates:

Tulsi = has support from Russia + is homophobic
1/1024th = she lied
Beta boi = he’s becoming a blogger with a show on Netflix or something
Others = literally who?
Kamala = basically no negative press

Geez, i wonder who the large donors of the democratic party want the candidate to be


Kampala was a cop though, I don’t understand the dumping on her in this thread. Protect and serve.


fwiw this is how WaPo is handling it. Each week they rank the top 15 candidates, all parties. That has the luxury of allowing WaPo to assign their reporting (vetting) resources by priority at any time.

While it’s compiled by WaPo’s The Ranking Committee (?), the reporter is Greg Sargent. Greg Sargent is not exactly the most open-minded, least-biased choices WaPo could have made. So take this list for what it’s worth. If Greg Sargent has any influence, you can bet that any vetting on Ds will be released only after speaking with the campaign, while vetting on Rs will be released while asking the campaign for comment. Perfectly fair, nudge nudge, wink wink.

This is week 2; the list for week 1 is linked at the bottom of the story.


“Half my family’s from Jamaica, are you kidding me?” she said. “I believe we need to legalize marijuana, and we need to research the impact of weed on a developing brain.”

Yahh, mahn, buht letzz cahll eet bye itz prahper nahm, mahn: ganja


It would be harder for me to believe if most of these politicians have never smoked weed.


Going full candor? A bold gambit. Probably too early to call it a desperate move.

Next up: “Yeah, I’m a whore. So what?”


She’s beaten that outright lie before and no matter how often it is ignorantly repeated by repulsive people who spit on decency, she’ll continue to overcome it I’m sure.


I find that article to be so confusing. It’s supposed to explain how her career was not helped by her affair with the willie guy, and right off the bat it claims that fact to be NOT TRUE.
Then at the very end there’s a direct quote from the guy who says:“I helped her”, wtf?


Which part was the lie?

That her affair was an “affair?”

I think if true progressives look at her actual record, this naked next to Willie Brown thing will seem like the good old days.


Did she perform her blow-job services on him as part of a “tit for tat,” if that expression is not too anatomically confusing? (Talk of “dating” or a “relationship” seems euphemistic.) And how important were those political appointments for her subsequent political career?


I think the basis for claiming that she was not helped by willie is that the two of them didn’t sign a contract clearly stating something along the lines of:“i’ll help her career because i banged her”. That would be the only evidence worthy of consideration, everything else is just politicized nonsense and should be ignored.

Would be nice if Kav’s allegations had been scrutinized under similar metrics.


Yeah, well, I’m sure we’ll be privy to the inner workings of whatever relationship they had. I shall endeavor to not puke in my mouth too often. It’s bad for the esophagus.

If being with him wasn’t about gaining power or insight to power, then she had uhm, designer tastes in men. Which is allowed. We’re all adults here.