Kao Chi (高記) is back!

After suddenly closing its flagship store on Yongkang Street in April 2020, Kao Chi is back with a new store on Xinsheng South Road just north of the Xinyi intersection.

The new space feels a bit cramped, the new staff uniforms look cheap, and the kitchen is not yet running at full speed, with some items not yet available. But for me this is still a welcome return, as I prefer almost all their food—with the exception of their xiaolongbao, which I don’t much care for anyways—to their (overly?) celebrated neighbour and rival Din Tai Fung. Based on my visit over the weekend, I am happy to say that their food is still delicious.



The funny thing is for years and years I thought they were a (decent) copycat of Ding Tai Fung. Good to see them back.

Kao Chi was there long before Din Tai Fung jumped from being an oil company to being a restaurant.

My gripes noted above however indicate some of the reasons I think that their rival jumped way ahead—they are vastly better at professionally managing the front of the restaurant.

For the food though I would take Kao Chi any day of the week.


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Last August, the restaurant’s main branch on Yongkang Street was forced to suspend service after 70 years in business due to its violations of the Building Act. The Taipei City Government had categorized the second and third floors of the restaurant as “collective resident units” and said they could not be used for commercial purposes.

Not sure we got the whole story here. I propose it is more likely there was some financial dispute/bickering with owners of the apartments. The residents, in these scenarios, are typically compensated by the restaurant downstairs. The amount of compensation is quite another question.

The old Kao Chi space on Yongkang Street is now up for sale as residential properties—no doubt for a princely sum.



This place sounds nice. Din Tai Fung is good but for me high priced and sometimes too busy (I do not like to wait in lines like others to go eat). Here, I seldom go to Din Tai Fung, only when mostly a visitor wants to try.