Kaohsiung and Pingdong Counties

Hi all,

I’m planning (if I can sweet-talk someone out of their scooter for a few days) to head south from Tainan and just… wander for a couple of days just after CNY.

Figured I’d ask for some advice on some places to go, that are a little off the beaten track.

I’m tossing up Tianliao Hot Springs (has anybody ever been there?) and Little Okinawa, but does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m really not fussed on the where, as long as it’s:

a) accessible by scooter (though I have no problem with walking for miles)
b) not insanely dangerous
c) beautiful
d) peaceful

I should say that I’m a girl with an over-active imagination, so while I’d LOVE to go wandering through the forest for hours, I’m a little worried that I’ll start seeing zombies behind every tree…

Hope people have some interesting little ideas, and thanks in advance for your time :bow:


No-one has any ideas?

I’ve thought about Monkey Mountain, and the butterfly place too now, but nobody has any treasures they can share?

I’m no longer going on my own now, either: Two girls, One scooter and Two Sleeping Bags.

There are 2 butterfly places within driving distance from Kaohsiung - Purple Butterfly
Valley and Yellow Butterfly Valley(or is that farm?). Purple Butterfly is in the direction of Maolin (you’ll have to take the Pingdong route, but I don’t know a work-around if the bridge hasn’t been fixed yet after Morakot).This time of the year the purple butterflies flock there and just are butterflies. Yellow butterfly valley is in the direction of Meinong. I haven’t been there myself yet, but probably beautiful. There was a map available at one stage at the airport (you may get it at other places too) of Kaohsiung County and things to do and see. Some really cool things - map not too great but places you could go really, really great.

Dongang in the direction of Kenting is also great - not so much mountain and forest, but for a day outing it’s great. After Morakot though I don’t know how much damage has been done to the place unfortuantely. Also if you’ve not been to Fonganshan (sp?) Buddhist temple on the way to Meinong, do so. It’s also not really very mountainy or foresty, but it’s very peaceful and there are some great sights to see. I know there are also great places to camp in the area of Maolin, but not exactly sure where they are!

I could look on my map and see what else I can find in terms of your search and will post a bit more later. Now I need to go work.

Wow. That’s really good information. :bow: Thank you!!!

Especially for the place names :slight_smile: I can use them to start searching up the government tourist info online. I really didn’t know where to start before!

Welcome :slight_smile: Here is the correct spelling for some of the place names (that’s the English version)

Fonganshan Buddhist temple.

Dapeng Bay (in the area of Dongang). Dapeng and Dongang are both great. If I remember correctly you can get to Xiao Liciou Island from Dongang. That’s if you want to get off the bigger island. The smaller island is great for sights, snorkeling and diving. As you enter Dongang there is a fantastic place with some of the biggest and best shrimp I’ve eaten in my entire life. I just don’t know their name, or where they are! But then that whole area is fantastic for seafood if that’s your thing.

If you can get on route 21 and get to Cishan, you can go to most places from there - purple butterfly, yellow butterfly, etc. As a side - don’t try to find the moon world that one of the board signs shows. It just ain’t the way the sign says it should be. Cishan is a great little town you might want to explore as well. On the way to yellow butterfly stop over at Meinong Hakka village-it’s an experience. I see there are also other hotpsrings - Baolia, Pulao and Takangshan. Never have been there, so don’t know how they are. If you can get your hands on the map - Kaohsiung County tourism introduction you’ll find a thousand things to do and see. I found one at the airport in Kaoshiung. But you may find one at the train station too. Or if you can get one from the tourism place that would be great too. See there are a couple of hiking trails and things as well in the county.

Oh, if you’re going to be in Kaohsiung (Monkey Mountain is in Kaohsiung) go to Chengching Lake - it’s simply, simply beautiful and very peaceful. This big handmade lake in the middle of the city but inside the premises…wow.

Let me know if you’re looking for more info.

I live in Kaohsiung :slight_smile:

Here’s some pics from Foguangshan.

Hi I am looking for camping locations in the Maolin area. It can be just a spot thats good for camping, or it can be a hotspring that has a camping area. I have all my own equipment, just need a place to go!


You better check if Maolin is even open at the moment. The road was damaged yet again by the earthquake a few weeks ago. You may be able to get there by scooter but it’s likely the area is going to be wiped out again this spring when we get the monsoons (expected to be very heavy).

The road 185 from Maolin to Sandimen and then down to Fangliao is a treat.

The mud volcanoes by Yanchao are well worth visiting as well.

hikingtaiwan.wordpress.com/2010/ … /#more-377

I stopped at a hotspring hotel that let us camp a few months ago. It’s just past Liugui and south of Baolai. 076891010.travel-web.com.tw/ Very nice people too.

i went to maolin on the weekend… the have been repaired the road nicely compared to my last visit in november. all of the main road is now pavement so you don’t get filthy driving the scooter. also, the hotsprings located at the first town after maolin village (not sure what its called) are damaged 1/4 are left. anyway, i stayed at the placed mentioned in another thread, de’eng guest house… mr. chen and family have a beautiful piece of property and are very friendly.

spunkymonkey - do you have a road or address for those mud volcanoes and moon-like landscaped area? i checked myself, its off of hwy 22 i think, but there are quick a few sideroads that look like they could lead to it.

Sorry I don’t have an address but they are signposted on the 22. And then on the road after that.

ok good to know… i will try and post an update if i go see them. thinking about riding the bicycle there next week someday.