Kaohsiung burger wars

Taipei has a dedicated burger thread, why not us?

My current list is as follows:

  1. Arkansas Diner: I have burgered there twice, so far the best sandwich. Service is great, atmosphere not my style.

  2. Lighthouse: Good sandwich, my kinda place (except the understandable covid-barriers at the bar), service was good. I got onion-rings for a change and there were a paltry 6 on the plate.

  3. Foster Hewitt’s: Dry and tasteless burger benefitted from mayo and tobasco. I prefer the environment here to Arkansas. The bartender was a total pro and had idiomatic English, the girl who seated me was super cute. Looking forward to giving the poutine a try when I’m up for that many calories.

  4. Burger King: What can I say, it is the closet to where I live now. They have an Angus burger that is not bad.

  5. McDonald’s: The Angus BLT is worth it, for my first 6 months here this was my only burger option within an hour of where I was staying.

  6. Smokey Joes: The meat tasted off, and they said the slow service was due to cooking fresh fries but the fries were cold. Cool building, though.

To try:
Beast is on my list, based on reviews. I also saw a TGIF(?) at Dream Mall. Oh yeah, and Legends, where I had a terribly boring beer but where I have yet to sample the 'amburger.

What’s your list?


Lighthouse and Foster Hewitt’s are solid. Legend’s and Bottom’s Up are better. Oxford is solid, especially for the price. I’ve never had a burger at Arkansas Diner. (It’s a breakfast food place to me. I should try the burger sometime.) Why would you ever bring BK and McD’s into a serious burger conversation? That reminds me of the thread with the guy trying to argue that Pizza Hut and Domino’s are good pizza.

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they score higher than smokey joes

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I’ve never eaten at a Smokey Joe’s and have no plan to. I don’t understand the point of that place. It has the vibe of a local person’s bad interpretation of a Chili’s or something.


I’m trying to add this on Google maps but can’t seem to find it, help a brother out?

牛津 Oxford
07 532 3595


Smokey joes is pretty bad. Thepink building is quite unique, and thats really all ithas going for it. The building in kenting is also interesting.

Are we allowed to talk sandwiches here or just burgers? Had a good one at yaletown bistro last visit.

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I instantly thought of the Burger Bar Boys when I read the title. Expansion.

I’d like a basic burger with no Worcestershire sauce.
It seems a few unnamed places use that sauce to spruce up the flavor. But some people are allergic to it. And the help sometimes did not even know what was put in the burger. Anybody who wants to go on record with the Worcestershire sauce for your burger, please post here.

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Im not a fan of anything with rotten/fermented meat in it. Any brand to skips the meat and msg, i am alright with. But i do find it a way of cheating to use crappy ingredients and/or skill. So on that front, i expect more from a $500+ burger. If its a fast food type thing, we already should know what we are getting into.

How do Brummies ever start a fight? Their accent is so unthreatening.

A true burger lover can appreciate McDonald’s and Burger King, as well as the honorary burger aka lesser sandwich. So yes, non-burger sandwiches may be accommodated on this thread.

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It’ll be the anchovies, will it not?

@Alice_imSpiegelland welcome to forumosan pedants!

Correct. But i am genuinely not a fan of any rotting meats, not just anchovies…haha. its literally the only reason i cant eat a lot of vietnamese food, despite LOVING every other aspect of it.

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It possibly deserves a thread of its own, but I’ve also never understood the highly fermented/rotten taste desire.

Here’s something we’ve stuck in a barrel/buried in the ground/hung up to dry for months. Enjoy!

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This, my friend, i could not agree with more! If i could give my portion of rotten ingredients to my wife, i would. To each their own :slight_smile: as an environmentally minded person, i respect their efforts towards eating rotten garbage and not wasting valuable animal lives LOL.


What about the bloody Peaky Blinders?

hamburgers people, hamburgers in kaohsiung


We are discussing ingredients of said hamburgers sir. Technically, the most important part of the hamburgers, followed by their Kaohsiungness haha.

Edit. As sandwiches were said to be allowed. I quite enjoyed yaletown bistro when we went. Sucks if you are a veggie like me. So i cheated and got a salmon panini which was friggen gorgeous! My wife had the beef one, which she loved. Actually she got the beef rice (silly taiwan habit) and wasnt a fan so i ate hers minus the beef (cause Im a pig) and she got the same beef in sandwich form and was ultra happy with it! (duh). Haha. Anyway, these guys are pretty good. The rice is soso but their sandwiches are excellent. It would look better without the stupid cookie, but whatever…thats my only complaint. The cookie.


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The biggest challenge with burgers in Taiwan is that they are often overcooked and dry. Even some of the places I listed as my favorites can be inconsistent. They might be pink and juicy one time and gray and dry another time.

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