Kaohsiung Dominican School

Has anyone ever worked there/does anyone work there? Anyone have kids who study there? Any information would be valuable to me. Thanks!

I think I may know someone who is working there. Then again I may just be confusing the names of the schools! Will find out and get back.


House cat - don’t know if this is the same place as what you’re asking about,but the person I know works at St. Dominics. Let me know, and we can take it from there.

I don’t know anyone who works there, so my post probably amounts to much of nothing in terms of helpfulness, but just in case:

Here’s a post in May of 2007 from the Yahoo group “Kaohsiung Living,” by a person who said at the time that he worked at Kaohsiung Dominican International School:
groups.yahoo.com/group/Kaohsiung … aded=1&p=1

If you have a Yahoo account, it looks as if you can e-mail him from the page (warning, though: even if you e-mail him from the group’s page, you’ll still be giving your e-mail address; in other words, it’s not as safe as a private message).

However, it’s not known if he still works at Dominican. In December of 2009 he was inquiring about jobs:
groups.yahoo.com/group/Kaohsiung … sage/25114

Another person who made an appearance on the 'net seems to work/have worked there, but I haven’t been able to find any surefire way to contact him on the 'net:
mag.udn.com/mag/newsstand/storyp … _ID=214766

You’re probably already aware of this, and even if you aren’t, you might not find it helpful, but anyway, here’s Kaohsiung Dominican’s website: dskg.org/

(My browser had a little trouble with the school’s homepage when I used Internet Explorer 7, but it might just be my particular IE 7 browser (it’s had trouble like that on other sites). In any case, if you have IE7 and it gives you problems on that site, Firefox worked OK for me there. I’m using IE 6 now without any problems on Kaohsiung Dominican’s site.)

Thanks for that, Charlie Jack! That was helpful.

Scarab–that’s not the same school, but thank you again for inquiring. :sunglasses:

You’re welcome, and I hope it helps, but I also hope that somebody with in-real-life knowledge comes along.

I know this is an old thread, but I figured I would post since it has a reputation for doing what I am about to describe.

Shortly after starting work, a nun told me that they had accidentally made my contract one month too long and agreed to pay me too much. She asked to revise the contract down.

The curriculum coordinator told me that in one year, the teachers did not do lesson plans for most of the year. I was told there was no real professional development in previous years; the teachers sat around and chatted or the professional development was scheduled for after school day ended but did not occur. The curriculum coordinator said he did “not care about academics” and that “the school was years away from making academic progress.”

Workloads really varied between staff. One person with a lot of responsibilities might get more, extra work. Another person with a really light schedule might get a lot of help for simple tasks, seemingly, for complaining about having to do work. One teacher spent a lot of time on the computer while the kids played electronic games, read books unrelated to the class, chatted, etc. Some staff yelled at kids a lot and others didn’t. The teachers who were more diligent were not treated better.

The school is run by Filipino nuns. They were in their housing or away for most of the school day. This included the principal, who was regularly not in her office or in the school. They tried to avoid being the person who would give directions or correct issues, and reversed policies when people complained. They asked other staff to communicate directions or difficult messages. I got asked to tell a teacher not to bring that teacher’s kids, who were not students, to school, but I did not do it.

Almost all of the students are Taiwanese. They are great, well behaved kids who are interested in academics. They got really excited when they learned something new. The kids regularly asked me to teach them during breaks or at lunch. The parents were generally supportive and want their kids to do well. The school could be doing a lot better with an effective administration and effective instruction. The kids really deserve better.

I can’t find all the posts about this school, but here are some links to other people saying similar things.