Kaohsiung: electronics repair

The wire going into my scooter motor has frayed causing a short circuit.

I’ve removed the whole thing, but this type of repair is more then I can manage.

Ideally I’d like someone to be able to replace the whole internal wire, but if they can just patch those broken parts I guess it would be ok.

I don’t know any but I suspect most scooter “repair” places just tells you to replace it… They have no skills at all. But if the motor is sealed off or whatever then this could be hard…

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Yeah, I think it is a sealed unit, although I didn’t try opening it yet. Getting the thing off in the first place was enough trouble for today!

A new motor on AliExpress is $300 or so all in, but that sucks just coz of a broken wire!

Yea it’s the dreaded turtleneck… you know iphone chargers and headphones always do this.

I guess you can just break the seal and try to fix it…

I guess I could cut the sheath and untwist the wires a bit, then perhaps there would be enough room to electrical tape over the damage.

I wouldn’t be able to get into the motor shaft at all, but might be enough?

Your problem is the sheath over the wire broke for whatever reason. It’s creating a stress riser and if that is not addressed it will wear out again. This is the reason why headphones and iphone cables always turtleneck, because that jack terminal is a stress riser. I don’t know if it’s intentional, or planned obsolescence. Your only real permanent fix is to take the entire motor apart, find where the cable terminates, and replace it with a brand new cable. I don’t know if this is even possible at all.

But in short, the metal sheath broke, and is cutting into the soft cable insulation. That metal sheath must be addressed somehow. Either removed, or patched up in such a way that it cannot flex at all. But wherever the cable go into the motor must be backed up with something soft, something NOT metal. Or else it will simply be cut by the metal.

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Man, you hit the nail on the head. I Fing hate that. I always now loop new headphone and charger cables and tape them to avoid said steess breaks. Its soooooo annoying.