Kaohsiung Free Walking Tour / Harbor City

Experience the true beauty of Kaohsiung and see why Kaohsiung is dubbed the “Harbor City” - even though Taiwan is an island, she is the only city that owns the name!

  • Visit the coastal gem of Southern Taiwan - a city where mountains meet ocean
  • Learn about the past and present life around Kaohsiung Port
  • Encounter stories of how seaborne international trade has placed Taiwan onto the world map

As the economic and political center of Southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung - formerly known as “Takao” - is often deemed as just another metropolitan. However, Kaohsiung is distinctive in its geographical characteristics. First developed as a fishing village and later blooming into a port city for international trade in the 20th century, Kaohsiung’s seaborne industry remains an important part of local life and a unique feature to visiting guests. On this tour, we take you through fascinating insights into the stories happened surrounding the Harbor City: from religion, foreign trade, a bit of politics and a stunning seaside skyline, you are sure to witness the most charming side of Kaohsiung!

  • Time: Every Tuesday & Saturday 3:00PM~5:30PM
  • Place: Meet up @ Exit 1 of KMRT Sizihwan Station
  • Price: Tip-based. Pay what you want!
    Constructed in 1949 by immigrants from Tainan, Daitian Temple has been the religious center of Hamasen among local fishermen and other seabrone residents. The main gods worshipped here are the plague gods in Taoism known as the Five Kings, who patrol on behalf of the Jade Emperor. The Five Kings are often portrayed as statues with darkened face due to their origin stories involving poison and plague. Here our guide will show you the SOP for temples in Taiwan!

    The Gushan Ferry Station is not only a ferry station - it’s the place where mountains meet ocean. From here you can see why Kaohsiung is known as the Maritime Capital of Taiwan. We offer you scenic mountains, ocean views, and rivers, as well as port, cultural, and historic attractions. Feel free to take a ferry to get around the harbor and visit Cijin the peninsula stretching southward - it’s a natural heaven for fresh seafood, too!

    With the ports of Taiwan opened for international trade in 1863, many foreign merchants rushed to Kaohsiung to build their office at the best spot. The British Consulate at Takow was as a result completed in 1879 as the first western-style building in Taiwan. The office building and residence of the British representatives were separated for privacy reasons but can be found connected through a hiking trail. Later, the buildings were used as Kaohsiung Marine Observatory and Kaohsiung Aquatic Research Station respectively.

    Kaohsiung port is the origin of modern Kaohsiung. During the colonization, the port was used as the Japanese empire’s main trading point for cane sugar, connecting directly to the local beach railway line. It was thus the port expansion and land reclamation that formed the region of Hamasen. Once the 3rd biggest port worldwide, today Kaohsiung port is still the 15th biggest in the world. From here, you can also enjoy the beautiful skyline of Kaohsiung city - how many buildings do you recognize?

  5. BINHAI 1st ROAD
    Here you will be able to see different architecture styles - mixed European, Baroque, Victorian red brick - influenced by the foreign merchants in the late 1800s and later the Japanese colonization. Even though the buildings have gone through bombings and renovations throughout the years, their original style and shape can still be found in parts of the current construction.

    Originally built by the Japanese for sugar storage, the Kaohsiung warehouse is now renovated, renewed and used as recreational areas for locals and visitors - the biggest example of re-used warehouse in Taiwan. Many artworks and handicraft products of local artists can be seen on display around the area. Accessible transportation can also be easily found - you even have the option between light rail and KMRT!

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