Kaohsiung Pros and Cons

Could anyone please comment on the above topic?


-nicer and more accessible beaches and other natural spots,
-more laidback atmosphere,
-better job opportunities and more affordable housing,
-less rain,
-easy access to other locales like Kenting

-Really bad pollution,
-food kinda sucks… local food not as good as places like Tainan and international variety not good compared to Taipei,
-only 4 or 5 really cool or interesting districts,
-sweltering heat in summer,
-a little bit more of that old-fashioned mindset… the kind that bombs down roads in blue trucks, burns the ghost money every weekend, and loves spitting betel nut on sidewalks (we did elect Korean Fish as our mayor after all)…

overall I’d rather live in Taipei (I live here, because of job and my wife is a Kaohsiungite), but some people I know who have lived in both places prefer Kaohsiung. So it really depends what kind of person you are and what experience you’re after.


Where does this not happen?

Everywhere, but happens less in Taipei imo.


Thanks again.

What are the interesting districts?

What are the best districts to live in KHH?

How’s the humidity?

Are people friendlier and more welcoming down south?

Central Park


Monkey Mountain

Lotus Pond

Aozihdi Park

Kaohsiung Arena (in the news lately due to the covid-19 infected sailors romping around in there)

Cijin Island

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts area

Formosa Boulevard

Okay, so more than 4. But a few of those are really stretching it. Pier 2 is my favorite area. A cool, artsy creative park with a lot of cafes and restaurants.

Aozihdi Park area is nice, but expensive by Kaohsiung standards (probably not too bad by Taipei standards).


Generally, yes. But also a little less worldly… again, speaking generally.

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Didn’t you already decide to move to Kaohsiung a year ago?

Don’t forget Taroko Park! Bowling! Dream Mall! The one T.G.I. Friday’s that remains!

You left off the mountain places like E-Da, Meinong, the hot springs and Foguang Mountain but I think you were going for more MRT-accessible places.


I’ve lived in Taipei 5 years and lived in Kaohsiung 6 years. Basically, Taipei has higher rent, but great transportation. Kaohsiung has cheaper rent but crappy transportation. You’re gonna pay more on purchasing a car, up-keep and petrol in Kaohsiung, but you’ll pretty much spend a similar amount on rent in Taipei. (Oh, you can scooter around, but every single friend I had was involved in some sort of accident down there…I’ll take the metal casing around me, thank you.) There is the stress of driving in Kaohsiung/down south, too. Basically, it’s the Wild West. The pollution is bad, but I wouldn’t say the food is bad. The food is great, actually. I guess I’d fall into that category of people who prefer down south. The weather is better, the winter milder and overall it is more laid-back. One day I would like to return…but not sure that’s in the cards. San Min District would be my pick to live in down there…Access to the highway, department stores and loads of food places. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!

I was only trying to decide last May/June. I haven’t moved yet. At this point I’m also exploring Taipei.


Thank you.

Could you please tell me more about Taipei?

If anyone has more advice about Taipei and Kaohsiung I’d truly appreciate it. Thanks!

I have only been there on a few trips and never stayed long. Less option for fine dining and craft beers and wine. Not as easy as Taipei walking around, feeling you really need a vehicle to get around. I feel there is more people smoking there? Anyway always been happy coming back to Taipei after being there. Not a terrible place but don’t see myself living there as long as I can live in Taipei.


The air pollution in Kaohsiung can literally kill you. I don’t see how any pros make up for that.

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I’m not a good person to ask about Taipei. I know Kaohsiung way better. I’ve never lived there, but I get out that way about once a month. Taipei? Maybe once or twice a year.

Keep in mind that a lot of people saying negative things about Kaohsiung don’t really know the place. The air pollution argument has been circulating (ha ha) for a while, but a lot of the people using it fail to realize that Kaohsiung is BIG, and some of the parts nearer the mountains or on the north side of the industrial stuff are not that bad.

Granted you probably won’t be living or working in those areas, but you never know. Most of Kaohsiung isn’t paradise - it’s a port city with an adjoining industrial sector that’s swelled to monstrous proportions, but I know people who are happy to live and work in Kaohsiung. Like anyplace, it depends more on the friends you have there, and what you like to do.

Are you looking to get a job there? Many jobs don’t exist or are poorly paid there, otherwise I would be down there years ago, most likely.
If you like bigger open spaces, some nice parks, American style massive roads and harbour city feel Kaohsiung could be for you, but its as far from ‘international’ as you will get for a big city.

Only way to know is visit yourself. I know many HK ppl have moved and continue to move to Taiwan including many entertainers .


Most of Kaohsiung, like Taipei, was laid out during the Japanese colonial period. Broad streets, rational grid, totally different from the older Ming and Qing design in older cities like Tainan and Hsinchu.

Overall, I would say the layout of Kaohsiung is definitely on the “pro” side!


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Driving a scooter from downtown Kaohsiung to Lu Jhu 路竹 can be like a journey into the depths of your own psyche. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s definitely an experience.