Kaohsiung - Uncommon Cigarettes

Hi, I’m trying to find these cigarettes my girlfriend liked when she visited, but no convenience store or betel nut shop has them. Originally she got them at a street vendor near Longshan temple in Taipei, but now I’m in Kaohsiung and am flying to her country this weekend. Does anyone know where I may be able to find these cigarettes? Thanks :pray:

Liquor stores have smokes and tobaccos types and brands not typically available other places. Some even have cigars that are not usually found in professional cigar shops.

My process in whatever town is to just walk into them until I find what I want.

Can also Google Maps search on the photos of each shop until you see the cigarette wall and try to locate them in the picture.

This one in Taipei for example https://maps.app.goo.gl/s5hqe9m8uvykUwzn6


Maybe you could try here:

Their alcohol selection seems a lot wider than their cigarette selection though, so there may well be better options if you search for “tobacco shop” or something.

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@tango42 @Andrew Thanks guys, I hadn’t considered either. I’ll have to check a few stores this week, will let you know if I get lucky.

I also found it interesting gas stations don’t have cigarettes here :man_shrugging:

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gas stations not selling fire sticks is probably a great idea. they have, however, started selling the next best stimulant, caffeine. get a quick cup on fill up :slight_smile: