Kaohsiung vs. Taipei


I’m thinking of moving from Taipei to Kaohsiung for a number of reasons but I don’t know shit about Kaohsiung and was hoping someone could help me with some general information. I’m sure this question has been asked before, but I haven’t been able to find much.

Hows the job scene? I’d like to immerse myself in work (At least 8 hours a day) Are teaching jobs easy to find there? It doesn’t seem like there are too many adds on TEALIT or FORUMOSA right now. Also, I don’t want to go on a visa run and my contract ends July 31st…So That gives me two weeks to do demos, interviews, look around, move, etc.

Where would I want to live? And is housing difficult to find? I would like to live near the “Cool” neighborhood (if there is one)…preferably near some bars, clubs, and western “comforts.” But I would also like it to be kinda quiet (if possible in Taiwan.)

Are there easy escapes from the city? One thing I love about Taipei is that I can ride my motorcycle or hike to the top of a mountian and be back home in a few hours.

Any help at all would be much appreciated.

I was wondering the same thing.

Try connectkaohsiung.com/ for an idea on jobs and places available.

There is also a new forum. It is quite slow but you could probably get some answers to your questions if you wait a couple days. It’s here:

Check the links on both those pages for more information.

Wow, thank you! Two very good sites!

Ok, those sites help but can anyone tell me about living in the following districts:

Yancheng: Seems an ideal location but I’ve read that its turning into a bad neighborhood.

Chienchin and Hsinhsing: Seem central…but are they TOO central?

Hi, I don’t think you need to worry about locations. Kaohsiung is a place where you can enjoy its convenience of traffic if you have a scooter. It is not difficult to find a place and the rent here is not as high as that in northern Taiwan. Since you prefer bars, clubs…, Yancheng is a good choice for you.

Well, its not that I’m a partier or anything, its just nice to be able to take a walk and have a drink. I also like that neighborhood (looking at the map) because its next to that monkey hill with hiking trails and also near the ferry for the beach.

Yancheng is the old town. It has character with all the old shops around and many conveniences.It’s also near plenty of department stores if you need something fom the supermarkets.
You could choose the new end of town near the art museum or dollars where many foreigners live now but then you may as well just stay in Taipei as it looks the same…just a bunch of new buildings with alot of traffic.
If I were you I’d look at an MRT map and make choices according to that.It should be running in a year or so.