Keepin' it PG-13

Hi All,

Just a friendly reminder from the moderators of the D&R forum. :slight_smile:
Sometimes questions have come up about what’s appropriate to post and what is not. In the FAQ (which is also a sticky) here’s what we say about “General Etiquette”:

If a post gets floundered or edited, it’s probably because the post is either off topic or it violated one of the “general etiquette” rules. We’d like to keep this forum as open and friendly as possible. So, please keep these things in mind when posting. Thanks a lot!! :smiley:


and thanks for all your mod-work to keep this an orderly and welcoming place to visit.

+2 :discodance:

Hey, by the way:

2014 - 2005 = ?


What? Erhu is back after all these years? :smiley: