Keeping money?


I am a dissapointed individual today

My school kept money from me. My contract stated that I may have 7 sick days in a year. Now I have not finished my contract and my ARC has been transferred to another school - meaning I did not finish the year with this @#!? school. Their reason for keeping money back was that because I took the 7 days sick and did not finish the year they have the right (!!!) to keep money for some of those days. Maybe I am not explaining this well … my contract doesn’t state that if I break contract before completing the year that they are allowed to with hold money. It merely states that I may have 7 sick days a year. They argue this “in a year” and I havent finished the year so they paid me on those 7 days sick and now they want their money back … ??? because the “year” is not finished. I think I have repeated myself … I’m tired - sorry.

Can they do this ? Do they have such a “right” ?? They have done nothing but treat me ill from day one and I took it for 10 horrible months … and now this too. Why do chinese HAVE to be this way. I know I generalise but not once have I encountered I chinese person that has been helpfull, loyal, non corrupt, etc. This is a sad, ver sad indeed. Sorry - I’m rambling.

You know what was even more disturbing … the supervisor had to speak to me as the boss was just “not interested” and how is she suppose to budge ? Then she told me that because they lost our contracts (?) that there is no real legal agreement between us and I should be lucky I even got paid !!!

I am a dissapointed individual today

quote[quote] Why do chinese HAVE to be this way. I know I generalise but not once have I encountered I chinese person that has been helpfull, loyal, non corrupt, etc. [/quote]

I nearly didn’t want to help yu because of this comment. You’re right - you are generalising and it sucks. Loads and loads of Chinese are helpful, loyal and honest. If you haven’t met any yet you’re blind. Come on, your boss screwed you - if you hold it against anyone hold it against bosses, not Chinese.

That said here’s some advice that I’ve got from (helpful) Chinese people about solving these kind of employment issues in Taiwan. bea pain in the arse. Go back and bug them as often as possible (daily would be good). Buug the boss in particular. Try and do it in Chinese (with a friend to help you) when the parents/customers are around. Start polite. Get firm but friendly. Start asking about details like what your tax rate was and was that really legal and what would happen if you got your Chinese friend to call the education office and the tax office. Was your school illegally hiring any teachers? Ask about them? Start asking the parents how much they pay in fees and whether they think they’re getting their money’s worth considering the high teacher turn-over caused by the boss’s mismanagement. Try and embarrass and harrass and even (hintedly) threaten your boss into giving you the money. Have a friend with you for support even ifit’s just another foreigner (maybe a big friend). Taiwanese will often try and use their guanxi (connections with police, government officilas or gangs) to get someone to help. A final step some people take to get money owed to them is to get some gang to recover the money (taking a cut), but I don’t suggest you do this.

You might think this would all be too much hassle for the money so it’s really just if you think it’s a large enough amount or it’s the principle of the thing.



I think Bu Lai En’s advice to you is about right. Basically they will only give you money if you make things inconvenient for them. It sucks, but the advantage is theirs.

Something else you might want to consider is the fact that they probably think that you screwed them over. You gave them your word that you would work for them a certain period of time and you didn’t. In their eyes, you have caused them inconvenience - maybe even cost them some business, if they are suddenly unable to fulfill promises they have made to students/parents in the school. Now, I have no way of knowing what the circumstances surrounding your departure were, and it IS possible that they were not fulfilling their end of the contract, leaving you no choice but to leave.

That being said, I have seen, time and time again, cases where a foreigner signs a year-long contract, knowing full well that he/she will take off much sooner than when his contract is due to expire. Other times, the teachers are simply mercenary, and will quit a $600NT/hr job with little notice (or none at all!) for one that pays $50Nt/hr more. Some schools train their teachers and pay them for the time spent in training, assuming that they will be able to recoup their losses over a period of time. Also, companies that give you a working visa are required to post a lot of money for every foreigner they sponsor. This money must be in a separate bank account and cannot be tied up with anything else.

Admittedly, some schools regularly shaft their teachers. That does not excuse deception on the part of the foreign teacher. Most teachers break their contract out of greed. I’m sure that in your case, you had righteous reasons for doing so. It might help you to understand your bosses’ unfair behaviour to realize that your breaking your contract for what I’m sure are justifiable reasons places you in the minority of English teachers here.

Good Luck in your new job!


Fisrtly … I have to apologise for generalising Chinese … Not ment that way, but sorry to those offended.

Thanx for the help guys, but I have to make one thing clear here. This school has done nothing for me which cost them money. Everything there was to pay, (even medical insurance & ARC fees) I paid in full. (accept my salary ofcourse) … I even worked many weekends doing demo’s for free !!

No students have left becuase I have left. None of them know I left and niether do their parents. The kids will ask where I am and they will be told some lie.

Bu Lai, thank you for your help and comments, but I don’t thinkI will do anything about the matter. I simply don’t think it’s worth my time.

Moaman, I intended to stay with the school for my whole term, but after being screwed month in and out, I decided it’s best to look elsewhere. Thank you for the goodluck wishes, I started today and it seems to be a great school with a great staff … I just love my T.A

I wish no one what came my way and hope my mate gets out of there as soon as possible.

Thanks again you two