Kending Hotels

Where does everybody stay when going to Kending? We are looking for a kid-friendly place for around 1-2K/night. If we just show up there looking for a hotel during Sept which is non-peak season, will we have any problems. Not much info online for Kending hotels except 5-star ones.

I suggest you do a search as this topic has been done b4…

My favourite is the Chateau, nice beach front hotel. About a 5 min walk for Kending proper. Has a kid friendly pool, nice facilities.

Others prefer other places so check out the other thread.

I checked out the Chateau and several others. I like the coffeeshop at the Chateau and it is on the beach, but I think The Ceasar Park is better deal as the rooms are bigger and a little nicer and the location is better.Get a room with a view of the ocean on the third floor. I also think the Chateau building itself looks just like the elementary school I went to. Kind of strange looking for a hotel.

I understand what you are saying Hobart, but for me, the ability to wake up, wander down for breakkie then straight onto the beach is a winner for me. Plus the ability to fall asleep in thier hammock on their private beach… just a nice difference for me. Plus the fact that you have to take the tunnel underground to the beach AND that massive water park thing… good for kids I suppose.

Hmm…well I only ask to see the rooms then had a cup of coffee and stroll down to the beach at the Chateau. What you has peaked my interest. What water park thing are you talking about? Maybe that water park thing is not on the beach near the Ceasar Park when I go, because I never go to the beach in the summer. In Taiwan I like to go to Kending when it is cold and rainy hear in Taipei. I can’t understand why so many people in Taiwan go to the beach when it is hotter than Hell out there. I look at summers in Taiwan like winter’s back home. I just stay in the house where it is comfortable. The other 9 months in Taiwan are great though.