Kending in December

I went to Kending in August, and every weekend night the whole city would come to life and there would be music, lots of stands, and lots of people. However, the weekday nights were a little more mellow, there were less food/shop stands and people. What is Kending like in December, are there still alot of tourists? What is the weather like as well? My sister is visiting in December, so I was hoping to take a trip down there. Thanks!

Great time to visit as is January before New Years. Far fewer people. Mid-week you might have Baisha Beach to yourself or with only a few others.

Weather is still very warm. High twenties to low thirties. Also, the cooler nights mean you can go to the nearby hot springs for a soak and not die.

I went to Kending last Christmas. It was great. No crowds, beaches were mostly empty.

wow, sounds good. thanks for the replys.

I was there last January before CNY. Still quite a few people. Place looked alive, like a small college town, but not swamped with people. Hot and sunny.

You didn’t go to any of the right beaches. :wink:

To add a dissenting note, I went down to Kending last January to escape from my unheated concrete box of an apartment and being disappointed to find that I was freezing my butt off down there as well.

hhmm, maybe i should just send my sister by herself.

On a sunny day, it’s nice. But when the wind makes an appearance, Kenting can get pretty cold.

That’s when you go to the aquatic museum or stroll along Jialeshui admiring the scenery or hike up the trail to the five waterfalls or go hotspringing. There’s lots to do in Kenting on a cool day.

Well me and my family are off to Kenting tomorrow morning to see the sea and finally get to see my boy bury himself in sand once again, so I’ll be back on Sunday. I’ll try and take some pics for you all.

if shes cute, im sure some forumosans will volunteer?

if shes cute, im sure some forumosans will volunteer?[/quote]

I’ve met her sister and she is cute, but she’s long since returned to the US, as have the lovely Ratbabe and her Ratman, I’m sorry to say.

I’ve experienced both the best and the worst of winter weather in Kending. When the wife and I were down there the December before last, the wind was unrelentingly ferocious and bloody chilly. We rented a scooter as usual, but were severely restricted in where we could go as we were almost getting blown off the thing, especially on the more exposed parts of the coastal road, and it was pretty uncomfortable. A car would have been a hundred times better, and next time I’ll be sure to hire one if I don’t take my own.

The government has tried to take advantage of the winter wind by holding a wind-bell (windchime) festival, usually from late January to mid February. Has anyone gone to this?

This is the first time I have heard of it, although I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t sound all too exciting to me, unless the winner gets free drinks and lodgings, then I might think more about attending.

I am going to Kending this Friday.
We will drive from Taichung down there.
Any good place we can visit during the trip?
I need advice for the traffic.

[quote=“wisher”]I am going to Kending this Friday.
We will drive from Taichung down there.
Any good place we can visit during the trip?
I need advice for the traffic.

and all this time i thought wisher was a local?

I am local with poor English .Grrrrr.

I am local with poor English .Grrrrr.

nuthin wrong with being local and participating in a foreign language chat forum. i wish i could do the same. thats more then i can say for myself.

just that i thought most locals knew a whole lot bout taiwan already :slight_smile:

so you should be telling us some of the hip places to go .

edit: im local too as i was born and raised on taiwan, and i do know a lot of places but certainly often find out more and more nice places from others , specially since i havent been in taiwan for many years

Its a shame.I hardly have time to go around Taiwan.
I know many of them but not often been there.
I prefer the historical places which is more attractive.