Kending: What to do?

After seven years in Taiwan, I’m making my first trip to Kending this weekend and would welcome advice on what to see and do (or avoid).

My wife, who is more picky about accomodations than I, has us booked in the Howard, so lodging is already taken care of.

My wife and I spent a few days there and we stayed at the Chateau Resort. Pretty nice place right on the beach. The Howard looked very nice, you can’t go wrong there.

We rented a scooter and, while not at the beach, took short trips to both sides of the island. On the west coast up the road a bit from all the resorts there is popular place pretty high up where lots of people flock to watch the sunset. I wish I could remember how we got there, but I imagine it must be widely publicized with all the tour buses around. If you can get up early, take a trip over to the east coast and watch the sunrise. The cliffs on the east coast are beautiful and a must see (hold on to your hat!). At night there are some bars and lots of street vendors selling stuff around the resorts. Somewhere east of all the resorts is a place where fire comes out of the ground. Pretty cool! Some sort of natural gas emission. Too bad people trash the place all the time. It’s worth a look.

Have fun! You’ll have a good time.

I just went to kenting at the end of august - it was a great time!
At night, they have sort of a night-market-type thing…you can just walk along the street (there is one main street!) and browse and check-out all the souvenirs they have.
You can also rent bikes - they have them available right in the Frog Rock park entrance. (they even have electric bikes - so if you don’t want to peddle, you can “turn on the power” and let the engine do it for you!) cute! So, when I went, we rented bikes and rode to Eluanbi (and stopped along the way to take a dip in the ocean!)

Many places have “packages” of water activities that you can sign up for (snorkelling, jet skiing, etc.)

THere is alot for you to do there - I"m sure your hotel will give you lots of info on places/activities that you can do. Don’t worry! :slight_smile:



Head west out of Kending, towards the lookout point already mentioned-avoid it though as it is a “tourist” spot with all that that entails-and hug the coast. After about three miles you’ll pass through a fishing village; continue through and then lookout for paths to the secluded beaches as the road climbs. You could have a BBQ and watch the sunset. About as good as it gets in Kending I think. You could also snorkel there during the day. It’s not great snorkelling, but then again Kending is not Ko Tao.

The cliffs to the east are incredible, too.

One of the nicest things about Kenting is that there’s very little traffic on the roads – compared with Taipei and around, the roads seem uncannily empty (though perhaps it’s otherwise in mid-summer). That makes it a pleasure to buzz around on one of the scooters that the old women will pester you to hire as soon as you step off the bus there. There are lots of good places to visit along the coast toward the east away from Kenting – and to a large extent, the further you go, the better it gets.

You can take a ride over to Hun Twen (sp??) not far from Kenting. I believe there is a place there or near there or in the ocean around there (sorry I really cannot remember, but you can ask the locals, they will surely know) where you can fish for your own dinner and then you or the resturant will cook it. From what I remember it’s a small restaurant not far out in the ocean. There is a whole in the floor and you catch your own seafood.

I’m sorry I cannot be more specific (and a little confusing), I just know there was, at one time, a place like this. If you are interested and you find it drop me a note as I would like to go back to Kenting someday.