Kenting after typhoon

Does anybody have any insight on the situation in Kenting right now? I heard the main road’s bridge is out and the water supply is in bad state. We’re booked to go there next week, starting Monday. Better to postpone? :s

The bridge at Fengkang is down, and probably will be for a while. There isn’t any other way to get down there, unless you plan to fly into Hengchun or take a very long detour via Taitung.

That won’t work either…Both the 199 and 200 are still blocked by landslides.

Anybody know if there are any forumosans stuck down there?

Sp Kending is out for the forseeable future? any ideas when you could get down there again?

How is the east coast? (haulian, LuDao, etc.)

How are the roads/bridges into Kenting now??

Everything is fine. We were there last week and had a great time. The vegetation is a bit brown after the typhoon, but the water is clear. The bridge that was out was repaired pretty quickly.