Kenting to taitung

Whats the best way to go to taitung from kenting on a saturday!!

Thanks in advance guys!!

Driving the cross-island highway is interesting. A bit like the No. 9 from TPE to Ilan but with a better view. You don’t have to take it all the way to Feng Gang, half way across there is a turn-off where you can go straight to CheCheng. It takes you past both an “battlefield” and a reservoir. When we drove in the spring, all of the roads were lined with red flowers - quite a sight.

You can take a train and then a bus too.

thanks! but i wont be driving … i need more information about train and bus to taitung as i dont want to go back to kaoshong and than go to taitung.Is there a bus from kenting to taitung straight or train…

Which bus or train can i take??

[quote=“Hsinc”]thanks! but i wont be driving … I need more information about train and bus to Taidong as I don’t want to go back to kaoshong and than go to Taidong.Is there a bus from Kenting (Kending) to Taidong straight or train…

Which bus or train can I take??[/quote]

Well, if you are going on that road, I would recommend you a set of wheels. Moreover, as you posted earlier that you might rent a car in Kenting, why don’t you just rent it at an agency allowing you ot hand it in in Taidong?

Ok! thats a good idea…but just in case i m not able to find such a company there and if its not convinent enough than i will have to look for option of train / bus.I just need to know if i can get a bus /train from kenting to taitung and from where in kenting …

Ask your hotel. I ahve rented cars in Kenting with little trouble. Hotai is a national car rental agency, which is owned by Hotai motors, the agent for Toyota. They should have branches all over the island.

I’m pretty sure there is a train line more or less round the south coast and up to Taidong. You might have to go up to Pingdong and catch the train from there though. Similar with buses; presume there is one but maybe only from Pingdong or even Gaoxiong.

Renting a car…

This company is owned by toyota, so you can rent a lexus and really get around.

They don’t have an office in Kenting, but they have one at the Xiaogang airport, and then one in Taidong. Thay also have one in Pingdong, so you can go by train there, and then pick up your rental car, and then later turn it in in Taidong. For a fee, they might pick it up at your hotel in Taidong.

This is in Chinese

They also have a toll free number - I don’t know if they speak English, but it’s worth a try 0800-550-550

Thanks!! i will surely try this