Keyboard teacher needed

I’m very into keyboard, but i have no idea how to start this instrument…
Do anyone know where can i find a private teacher ?

I know of two music schools near my house, near Minsheng E Rd and Kuangfu No Rd. If that’s a convenient location for you let me know and I’ll be more specific about how to find them.

I’m also interested in keyboard. I took piano lessons when I was a kid, many many years ago and have long thought about starting practicing again. I’ve noticed that one can get a Yamaha for about NT8,000 that sounds and feels surprisingly good, so I’ll buy one soon. Because I had a little bit of a start back then, and can read music, I’m hoping I can start up again by purchasing a book and just practicing. But if you’re serious it’s definitely better to have a teacher.

I can also get a recommendation from a guy at work if you want. His son has been taking electric organ lessons for over 5 years. Let me know if you’d be interested in that.

There are lot’s of music schools scattered all over town, just walk around (your neighbourhood) and look out for signs with “Yamaha, Kawaii or Technics” on it.

I tried to call a music school called apa, but due to the “time” problem, i gave up. Also, i want to find a good teacher that someone recommend. Just so i don’t need to stand bad teachers.
And also it will be much better to have someone to practice with (friends or someone who is interested in that as well), just so, you won’t give up to easy.
I have learned piano when i was a kid, long time ago, but i can still pick up for sure.
And also, I need to buy a keyboard and have no idea how to get a right one…

Just a short information, I found a place where can teach me keyboard and not so expensive, it’s very close to The wall. And not know yet about good and bad. WE’ll see ; :slight_smile:

I took piano lessons when I was 9, but had to quit because my family couldn’t afford it, but I had studied clarinet for over 10 years and took some music major courses in sight-singing, composition, and music theory. I took piano for 20 weeks in a 10-person class, during my short stint as a music minor, but halfway through I fractured my wrist so I could only play one-handed for part of my lessons. For my 23rd birthday, I thought, what the hell, and signed up for piano lessons in Jingmei, but my teacher here sucked big time. I told her I had taken lessons for about a year and a half and she expected me to play Jesu, of Man’s Desiring. When I told her I couldn’t, she got me a book that was way below my level, and then would sing out of tune while I played and marked any mistakes I made while I was still playing…in the book I was reading from. I quit after the sessions I had paid for were over. Then I got a nice 51-key keyboard and using the book that came with it have memorized Fur Elise and Going Home from the New World Symphony. I am teaching myself Moonlight Sonata, although I need another more lower keys to play both hands in the right octave. I play anytime I want and as often as I want (sometimes for three hours at a time) which was much better than having lessons, but a limited time (or no place) to practice, not to mention the money I am saving on not paying a teacher.

Keyboard teacher? You don’t need no stinkin’ keyboard teacher.

wow…sounds like you had quite a hard time. Hope i don’t get one like that.
I 100% agree on learning by oneself, but for the beginning, i think it’s still better to have a teacher to lead you into the door. Though i have learnt Piano for a while, but as keyboard, i still call myself a beginning. Cus i still need someone to teach me how to do the tune stuff. I went to the bookstore last week and found some keyboard teaching materials, but … unfortunately, i’m stupid on reading it. So, that’s why i’m paying a teacher to teach me. Not yet the class start, but i can’t wait.
^^ Hope one day i can play the keyboard everywhere and anything i want, just like you. ^^

Fur Elise, Imani??? You bought a keyboard and learned the garbage truck song? I finally got that out of my head but lately it’s been replaced with the CNY song. And whenever I go to Welcom I ended up humming their song for hours, driving my wife nuts. I think if I play any of the above songs on my keyboard my wife would destroy the instrument.