Kickass Shabu Shabu Restaurant?


ust wondering if anyone can recommend a shabu shabu restaurant (of the all you can eat variety).

got a big group i need to organize for dinner.


Grey boiled meat. Isn’t “kickass shabu shabu” an oxymoron? Its strictly the kind of place you go to only when there’s nowhere else open and the 7-11 has run out of snacks.

However, there’s one place near the intersection of Anhe Rd and Xinyi Rd that’s pretty good, as these places go. I’ll get the address off the wife later and post it tomorrow.

Yes! Shabu Shabu - you might as well take a bath with some meat shavings, and swirl them around in the water with some vegetables until everything is a uniform blandness, and then eat it. Mmmm. Not.

but, i really like shabu shabu… :frowning:

that address would be great.


There’s that one place where you can have the shabu shabu (shared pot, though) and Japanese BBQ on the same table. They’ll bring around as much meat and veggies as you want.

It’s a chain, but I only know the details for the one on Nanjing:

telephone: 2536-1101
address: 南京東路2段7號2樓
(Nanjing East Rd., section 2, number 7, 2F)

Well, you shouldn’t like it, damnit!