Killer Mike Urges ‘Black People and People of Color’ to Embrace Second Amendment

I totally agree. I recall a POC school nurse telling me that her AA hubby would never give up their guns. This was back in the summer of 2016 when Hilalry was spouting off about the NRA or some such. Could not agree more. Respect would come fast I think.

Killer Mike has long been a proponent of the second amendment, especially with regard to minority gun ownership. He took things a step further in an op-ed he wrote for Colorlines.

The Run the Jewels rapper encouraged African-Americans and people of color to “to take seriously their Second Amendment rights” after the murder of Georgia jogger Ahmaud Arbery.

“I put this statement out because the police cannot always get to you on time, and the world is not a just place. I also released these remarks because we cannot assume that everyone who wears a police uniform is just and fair,” he wrote.

He continued by saying that minorities could only rely on themselves for protection and not law enforcement.

“My message to Black people across the country is the same today as it was a year ago: the only person you can count on to protect yourself and your family is you,” he said. “God gave you the right to use whatever tools are available to defend your rights. Nothing—including gun ownership—should be discarded. I encourage gun ownership to my wife, my son and daughters, your sons and daughters and all Black people.”

Killer Mike stated that the biggest challenge that they face is to “normalize” gun ownership for them.

We should be highlighting and showcasing responsible gun owners. We should be looking to Black organizations such as the National African American Gun Association, which offers firearms training, self-defense training and other services. They understand the cultural nuances of gun ownership and speak directly to our needs,” he said.


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That may be simple if many black people had second amendment rights to begin with. But if you are a felon you lose that right. And many black people are felons, often for something stupid (not armed robbery or anything but drug possession)

Also whenever people of color embraced the second amendment in large numbers, the US government cracked down HARD on that. Even going as far as straight up murdering them (and getting away with it). This is nothing new and stuff like people of color getting murdered by officers will likely continue.

Nothing that Malcolm X didn’t already say


True. The Black Panthers encouraged gun ownership for black people, and COINTELPRO shut them down (and shut down the AIM, too). An example of the U.S. government destroying lives (through covert means) rather than allow Americans of different skin color or political belief to exercisise fundamental rights.

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LOL at unironically using the term “POC”.

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Scientists say black and white aren’t colors; so I guess we’re not POC? :wink:

Nope, sorry, not going to use this appellation for anyone because it creates more Us vs. Them division.


Let’s also try — POC is an erasure of one’s heritage. :wink:

I’m not a crayon.


Every American should embrace the second amendment. Just as they should embrace every other God given right in the constitution.


The US Federal government only respects the second amendment rights (or any other rights) of the upper class. The law as written reflects the attitude. Anyone lower in their eyes who dares to exercise those rights will go to prison.

Well guess who was writing the constitution? :joy::joy::joy:

I think they excluded negroes when they wrote the constitution. The reason the Federal government cracks down on blacks exercising their second amendment rights is because they realize what it means. It would mean the whites would lose their government majority.

Basically the Republican/Democrat party is no different from the CCP.

Isn’t it a little early to start hitting the bottle? :thinking:


Negroes should have a capital “N”


It would mean the whites would lose their government majority.

So that’s why there’s so many attempts lately at voter supression and resistance to affirmative action. Cause all the “Negros” are coming for white folks good goberment jobs.

Have a seat.

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I haven’t seen a vast arrest of people exercising their freedom to own a weapon, or for free speech or any other right that is afforded to them. Confused where this statement has any evidence of truth in 2020. Maybe your talking about the past?

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Well, if one of them is a felon of any kind, whether it’s drug possession, or common crimes, they will be arrested for simply owning a weapon, or even be in the same household of someone who owns a weapon. But people of color make up a large majority of people who are past felons, whether recently or decades ago (the law does not care). It’s designed so they can’t exercise that right in number. Even admitting that you smoke pot makes it a crime for you to own a weapon too.

Maybe he’s thinking of the Mulford Act passed by Reagan when he was Cali governor as means to deal with the Black Panther protests.

If the argument is that felons should still have the same rights as everybody else, that is one thing but to not point that out and say people rights are being trampled on is pretty ridiculous.

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You make it sound like felons are undesirable forever. Like they’re Jews in Nazi Germany or something. It isn’t even hard to become a felon. Used to be you would have to do something serious but when there are so many ridiculous felonies on the book all over the USA then it could become a convenient excuse to trample on people’s right just by affixing a label on them. The fact that the USA has more people in prison than any other country (and runner up countries are countries known for not respecting human rights too) makes me think that they are in fact trampling on people’s rights by having a government that is unjust to its core. When people are given harsh (10 years or more) sentences almost summarily (like plea agreements/bargain/whatever you want to call it) and those who actually exercise their constitutional protections to have a fair trial are punished even more harshly.

So who cares if the USA claims that they don’t trample on the rights of anyone who hasn’t gotten a label affixed to them? It means nothing. They can just as easily make you a felon as they can anyone else if they wishes to. At least from what I have seen, since the Clinton years that has been the means by which they deprived people of color of their fundamental rights.

Like I said the US Government is no different than China.