Kimchi sold at supermarkets, Which do you prefer?


I have had a hard time finding some good kimchi at supermarkets, If someone could post what they prefer it would be much appreciated <3


I order my kimchi from a specialty store. Its bomb


Get it shipped from my aunt homemade from Korea. The store bought kimchi is bad here. There are some Korean restaurant that will sell it in Taipei, idk where you are located.


haha I unfortunately don’t have any koreans in my family, I’m in the Neihu area, But don’t mind traveling a little for a bulk supply.


neihu has a korean restaurant that sells pretty good kimchi called samwon garden.


Thanks Andrew, I’ll go check them out soon :slight_smile:


In my opinion they are the best and most authentic Korean Bbq and food place in all of the places in Taipei. Very popular with the working class there during lunch break and after work drinking and Korean Bbq actually since it’s located where all those office buildings are.


We had dinner there last night, Was a good meal would definitely go back to check out other menu items, The kimchi was good but the price my girlfriend translated for me seemed a bit high (100grams for $350) I ate about 150-200grams during the meal haha.

Thanks again for your recommendation Andrew!


Yeah, it’s not cheap there. I usually only go on special occasions as I miss Korean food but I eat like a monster and rack up a bill especially since I like premium meats on the bbq.


“the working class”…hehe
Vietnamese laborers and such eating kimchi for 300nt a pop?


Taiwan style kimchi is different from original Korean kimchi, the seasonings are different.
Even at Yoshinoya’s, they’ll ask you which kind you prefer, they got both.


It’s addicting man, once you try that kimchi it’s like you want that taste in your mouth forever. Nothing better than some dank kimchi


I guess they finally loaded this off the Hanjin ship. I bet the kimchi was duly fermented and ripe by the time it got to shore.

Will 80 tonnes of spicy kimchi stuck aboard three Hanjin Shipping vessels bobbing off the coast of California be unloaded before overripening? Nobody seems to know.

Around $14 billion of cargo has been stranded by the failure of the world’s seventh-biggest container carrier, with ports and lashing firms fearing they will not be paid. The havoc wrought through global trade networks threatens to take years to resolve.

Hopes that emergency money to help with unloading of cargo could soon be made available suffered a setback on Thursday when Hanjin’s lead creditor said it would be difficult to accept a court request to provide the firm with fresh funds.


I Fing love kimchi and will go on the hunt tonight for some!


Can you please show me the store? I would like some fresh hand-made kimchi, not kimchi in supermarkets


i like the yellow one. is that a taiwan only one? i’m guessing so.