Kindergarten computer class

I know some immersion kindergartens teach computers as a subject. I think this could work well if taught properly. I’ve never taught it myself so have a few questions.

Firstly, what do you usually teach?

What are the basic skill levels of kindergarten kids. Do the littlies (xiao ban) have the coordination to use a mouse and click it, if carefully taught how to do so?

Any good sites with computer games and activities? I’ve found a few, but right now I’m looking for a ‘first lesson’ site, which you can use to show the kids how to move the mouse and or click it. I’m thinking of something where the background changes as you move over it, or some pictures (eg a wildlife scene) with some animation when you click on it (like you click on an animal and it moves and makes a noise).

I hope some of you can help meout. In return here are a few of the sites I’ve found by myself: … nstory.asp


My kids have been pushing a mouse since before they could walk. They are quite proficent. Thier kinder colleauges are just as proficient. What are most popular are learning games and CD’s Puzzles, connect the dots, cut and paste of shapes and colors, painting and coloring programs, read along, sing along these types of things. Especially if they are Lilo and Stitch or some other popular kids hero oriented.

Stop by a place on Jianguo near the flower market called “Tiny Tots”. There you will find a smorgasborg (sp) of quality educational kid computer games. here it is… jianguo nan lu sec 1. no 161.

here are a couple of good sites … index.html