Kindergarten laws

where I come from marijuana is illegal but half the population smokes it…

this argument just goes round and round.

Bear, you’re a Canadian? I somehow had the impression that you were a fellow kiwi.

droll AJ, very droll…

And what’s the relevance of that?

It’s nearly the same where I come from, however legal enforcement of cannabis bans in Denmark is lax more or less on purpose. That would go for everybody, IE if you are a foreigner getting caught with a joint in Copenhagen, the police will take the drugs, might book you, admonish you and let you go 10 minutes later.

Fine and good. This means that in practice while cannabis is illegal, it’s nowhere as illegal as human smuggling or murder.

Try getting caught with a gram of hashish in your pocket here, and you will get deported.

My main point is that if you as a non-ROC citizen teaches ilegally here, then you are doing something the government is taking a dim view of, and if caught there will be a deportation order waiting for you. Fine good, their country, their laws.

If I had a grudge with a cram school owner and he was employing illegals, I would turn him/them in in a heartbeat. The cram school owner was breaking the law, so were the teachers. All the implied parties should realize that, after all the laws here are not promulgated in secret.

This would make sense if most of the ROC laws were not selectively enforced, and if they were not fluctuating in some surreal limbo-land. Even in so-called Western societies, there are massive shady gray areas that are taken advantage of by both corporations and individuals.

Point taken.

If applied to this situation, the main trust would be that the law is selectively enforced, however at times it will be enforced, and in that situation well, SOL to the OP’s friend, or anyone else in the same situation.

If you are a foreigner here, you have to live with that you are treated differently, some times better, some times worse, but a lot of the time differently.

yes but the government isn’t really taking a dim view of it. a few ethnocentrists (i.e. racists) in the Dept. of Education pushed this law through to protect “putonghua”. everyone else pays lip service to it. the law is enforced only when the police are forced to act. otherwise they would hit every kindergarten every day and the jails would be full of canadians!

Well, it got passed and signed into law, that’s what matters at the end of the day when you argue your case in front of a judge. That enforcement is spotty is either good or bad, however the knowledge that it might be enforced does it for me.

Kind of brings this to mind from the movie Blow.

But this is my point…enforcement of kindergarten laws is equally lax here. Who teaches the cop’s kids when they go to kindergarten? Johnny Foreigner that’s who.

As an aside: a friend of mine was once busted for teaching illegally and when he was taken to the cop shop he realized some of the cops in the shop were actually his students!

I actually believe that the no foreigners in kindy is an executive decision and not a legislative law. Basically one ministry with power decides something is a law. The police are relatively free to enforce it if they wish.

So the MOE makes the law, the police only enforce this executive law if they are pressed. Banana republicanism at its finest.

“It’s normally ok” is not an accepted defense. You might get busted, and the laws are what they are. Until they change, your friend will be SOL.

I find it interesting, I was browsing that aacircle forum. I noticed Asian Consulting HR actively looking for “Foreign Kindy” Teachers. I was shocked, that they would advertise looking for foreign teachers to work in Kindy’s. The post looked very appealing with great pay and low hours but knowing the consequences of working in a Kindy, why would anyone take the job or maybe they are just looking for newbs?

Cause the newbs are fools who will believe anything they want to hear, and to earn a pay packet.

It’s only illegal if you get caught boys and girls, and that’s right, it’s simple case of deportation for you and a new commission fee for me for finding a replacement teacher…

Well Satellite I understand that but someone fresh off the airplane doesn’t know better. Man I am not trying to defend the newb but I honestly would have gone for that job if I didn’t know any better. Just think about it, when we read job postings on website we don’t think, well this company is setting me up for failure. I know ignorance is no defense but geez. You would think they wouldn’t blatantly advertise where they know newbs are looking. I kinda feel bad for someone who would take that job not knowing and being deported.

On the other hand if someone willing takes the job knowing the risks, well then you get what you get. If there’s not too much traffic I turn right on red lights sometimes and I also turn left without doing that box turn if its a left turn signal but I can deal with the fines if they come.

If I remember correctly though there were some posts on this board about the shady practices of the above mentioned website so I guess it just goes to show.

I think the first time it should be a fine that is reasonable to collect what would be backtaxes plus penalties for the enforcement. That should get the message out quickly enough, so newbs dont get thrown out for making what might be a mistake.

The second time they could deport without another warning and given a large fine, as the person was already warned and chose to disregard the rules.

Ignorance of relevant laws is not a defense.

If caught working illegally, you will be deported. That’s not unique for Taiwan.

Agreed in principle, but it certainly seems to work well for all the big shots with money for the hongbaos and fancy lawyers, in any country. Even heinous crimes are “looked” the other way when the right palms are greased.
Yes, lets throw some stupid kid to the wolves for ignorance

I do not care about what feels wrong or right in this instance.

In front of a judge from a semi-decent legal jurisdiction, ignorance is indeed not a valid defense.

there is the key right there, semi-decent


I rest my case