Kindle Unlimited 1 Million+ Books, US$9.99/month

Anyone in Taiwan using Kindle Unlimited service for reading books? Do you like it?

I see they have a free 30-day trial.

I already have the apps on my devices and bought books.

I use it whenever it comes on offer, however the choice of books isn’t that great.

Of course there are loads of them, but not really any big mainstream authors, most of it is all self published stuff.

Check your favourite authors and see if they have anything on there!

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Ah ha! Got it. I was hoping I could get immediate access to all the latest and greatest fiction and nonfiction.

The books you can read with Unlimited have a banner over their titles on the Amazon website.

I agree with @monokuro, the selection is vast but the quality isn’t the best.

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Anything better now?

Tried it but saw almost nothing of interest.

The library has millions of books as well and is free. Honestly, still prefer supporting them (not those humanless fake libraries) or buying the book.

In the past when i was right into reading and researching i found it cheaper signing up for a university class and getting their library access :slight_smile: together with city library there was soooo much available.