Kindly translate into English

pls help me translate the wordings on the pictures. TIA


Why is there a noose in there? Not sure if racist.

you got me wrong! im not a racist, im just trying to locate this food stall because i want to buy this french bulldog designed cake/waffle.

The store name is Bubble and then some Chinese that’s too blurry.

Winter Set Meal

Dog’s head-yaki

Warm feelz price: 70 yen

Your choice of flavors / extra toppings 5 yen

that helps! super thanks, Dr_miker.



собаки руководитель обжиг

Google translation is “dogs head roasting”


in english pls tando…thanks

Dog’s head-yaki. Hope it’s not actual dog… :astonished:

its a french dog shape waffle/cake stall in yizhong night market area. i want to know the name of the stall in english.

The characters mean a french dog shape waffle/cake.

No English name, obviously. It would be Quanshou Shao in Mandarin.

Not really.

Not literally, but I think that is the meaning. Ah, french is not included. And head needs to be added.