Kindy Goodbyes

I can’t even mention the word ‘Graduation’ without my kids getting a little teary-eyed and quiet. They know that the day of their graduation is the last day of my teaching career here in Taiwan, and it shall be a bittersweet day. Having spent 5 hrs/day for the last 14 months with these little souls has endeared me to them, and them to me, beyond expectations.

My school has asked me to give a speech at the Grad (of course), and I can easily envision myself spending most of it unsuccessfully fighting off the tears. I’ve learned far more from them then they have from me. They’ve been the best part of my time in Taiwan, and they will be the toughest part to leave behind.

This being my first (and sadly last) Kindy experience, I’m wondering if there are others who would like to share some stories of their goodbye experiences. I’m hoping I’m not the only one in Teacher Land that feels this way!


I was at one kindy graduation party in 1990, after I filled in for a friend for three months. The party was a hoot! The adults spiked the fruit punch with vodka, and the kids were adorable and crazy for their portion of the programme, and then once their “show” was over, they all promptly went to sleep, and the adults socialized for over an hour. Not the sort of thing you’d see back home, but pretty funny nonetheless.

I think all kindy teachers get very attached to the first class they teach. After that not quite so much. Well, I still do, but not the same as my first classes. I know how you feel anyway.