King Size Bed Sheets!

Where can I buy king size bed sheets in Taipei? They need to be (6 x 7 taiwan feet) or 180 x 210cm. This would be equivilent to what is known as a California King because the it is longer in length. I have already checked Cost Co and I didn’t find them. Other suggestions other than having them tailor made?

Check out the bedding section of a department store or one of the bedding stores in one of the high-end malls (Breeze Center, etc.). Good sheets are expensive here. This is one of the things we bring back when we go to the US because it is hard to find without spending $$$ here.

Yeah I know the last time I was home I bought several, but unfortunately we just bought a new bed and I don’t plan on going home again for awhile. It would end up costing the same to have them shipped here though I may look around for better deals.

Thanks for your suggestion, I may go have a look and see what I can turn up. I know there is a store somewhere around Sun Yet San Memorial Hall as well, but I think a set is over $6000NT. Like you said, bedding is expensive.


Trying the bedding department in the Hola store in Neihu, same building as B&Q.

We bought ours there exactly the same size, from memory they were between 3 & 4k a set, that included duvet cover, one sheet, and two pillowcases

Try Ikea; I didn’t think the quality was very good, but they were fairly cheap.

There’s a place on Yongkang street (right around the corner from Alleycat’s) that’s right across from Ice Monster (the very popular mango ice stand) that has lots of really nice sheet sets, pillows, comforters etc, mostly imported from Europe. It’s not cheap, but nice stuff and they carry California King size.

IKEA. I generally don’t like their furniture but the bedding accessories are of quite decent quality and reasonably priced. 100% cotton bedsheets, downfeather pillows and duvets (or quilts?) etc.

Thanks for your replies all…

I was in Ikea about a month ago, they do indeed have nice stuff, but they don’t sell 6x7 sized sheets.

Went to Hola this weekend, not bad stuff, but they don’t sell any sets which doesn’t surprise me as Taiwanese make there beds a little different. They don’t sell the flat sheet in the set, only the Duvet cover and the fitted sheet, quite expensive too, which I expected.

I’m going to have to order sheets and have them sent here, I refuse to pay the high prices I have seen so far especially for something less than set. I have found quite a bit already and it’s quite cheap, even with shipping costs I’ll save over NT$1000NT for better quality products.

I may go check out the place near AlleyCats just for the hell of it, but I am guessing it will be much the same as what I saw in Hola.

Thanks again!!!