Kiong Hee Huat Tsai

Someone in my high school alumni group chat greeted us all “Kiong Hee Huat Tsai” so I wondered what Chinese society this came from. I was surprised to find it came from my own – this is a Hokkien greeting among the FilChi in the Philippines (Filipino-Chinese)1. I graduated from an international school in Manila.

Don’t get me started on the (lack of any standard) Romanization there. Plus, there isn’t any romanization for Hokkien anyway, right? Well, except what I have seen discussed here in the forums.

Whatever the case, happy Year of the Rabbit, folks!

  1. Back in the day, up to 85% of Fil-Chi were Hoklo: Book review: When the KMT called the shots in the Philippines - Taipei Times.

Giong hi, giong hi! :rabbit:

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Someone who lived in Hong Kong sent me this the other day. Maybe similar?

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Yes, seems to be the same

We were taught the same thing in elementary school back in canada with hong Kong teachers. Fun times. Pennies in red envelopes, learning about chinese culture etc.

In my part Taiwan we don’t say really say “Huat Tsai”. We just say Kiong Hee, Shin Nee Kwai Lok, Ban Su Ru Yee, Shin Teh Keng Kong etc.

The “Fat Choy” part is what people would say ub Cantonese or Madarin, which means to make a fortune.

In Taiwanese, to make a fortune is “ Dua Tan Ji (大趁錢”). Rarely if at all hear people say Huat Tsai (發財)