Kiri mochi? (Small blocks of mochi)

I am wondering if anybody has seen Kiri mochi for sale here… I am pretty sure I have but don’t remember where - certainly not in Carrefour (except a small expensive and temporary variety in the Japanese import section with Disnry characters on them).

Supposedly it’s pretty common, I just don’t know that it is here.

Kiri mochi is the kind of mochi that is sold in little blocks so you can prepare it yourself. It’s the main image in the Wikipedia article for mochi:

Think they have it at City super.

I am in Kaohsiung, I really wish we had a city super here!

Have you checked Carrefour? They sometimes have them in the imported food section.

I know not every Carrefour has the same stock, but I recall seeing mochi in some supermarket in the open-refrigeration section, near the korean rice cakes and mantou. Could have been a carrefour - but not my local one as I just checked there.

The one they had was disney-branded and was $165 for 280g, which is very little (a large handfull).

Try shopee maybe? I think it’s called 切麻糬 or 切片麻糬 in Chinese.

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Just watch out it’s rice and not a mix of wheat and rice.

Oh good idea, thanks! I don’t do online shopping here so it didn’t even occur to me to use it for food.

Looks like it’s about half price compared to those disney ones at Carrefour. Good thing is it doesn’t need to be refrigerated so I feel more comfortable buying it online.

Hopefully a supermarket stocks it though so I don’t have to figure out how to shop online here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jesus you really love these gluey indigestible foods don’t you? Hope the plumbing situation is okay.

With a passion. No digestion issues, as I eat them in small portions and have a healthy gut biome.

Anybody else seen them? I found some at Jasons but (understandably) at double the price of what’s on Shopee. I’ll probably end up buying them from shopee unless somebody has a tip on a supermarket that might sell them here.

Have not yet checked PXMart and RT Mart.

My wife says she saw some here:旺來興食品原料量販店/@22.6606172,120.3015988,20.14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x346e0501a25346c1:0x85e002de9fbc888!8m2!3d22.6609885!4d120.3016166

I don’t remember the price though (and it’s right next to a PX Mart)

City Super sells them too.

Oh that’s good! I know that store but thought it was a stretch. Definitely going to check it out so I can cross pxmart off the list at the same time.


When will we get one of those in kaohsiung :confused: