Kirin Strong Seven

I stopped by 7-11 this evening to pick up a couple brewskis, and I spotted a new one, Kirin’s Strong Seven, 7% alcohol. I can’t do much raving about the flavor (not bad, just not rave-able), but after one tall can, I already have quite a buzz - and that’s after a hearty meal at Eddy’s Cantina! At NT64 for a 500ml can, that’s not bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I picked up a can today. I like the slogan, “This hard and clear taste brings you the great feeling.”

I remember drinking this awful Labatt offering back home in Canada, Black Ice 7%. A couple those and you’re spinning. One of those ‘get aggressive and into fights later’ beers.

I hope Kirin has a better formula going.

I just had one, but it wasn’t so bad. I can really taste the can, though. Don’t think I’ll get it again.

Agreed Doc.I got a good buzz off a couple of cans,but a real tinny flavor.