Kitchen Disaster

Hi fellow decorators,

The order for our new kitchen was a complete disaster, B and
Q sent us the ugly color kitchen cabinets, and they definately
won’t give us a refund, so I thankyou for any advice, but we tried
everything to get back our money and they won’t budge, so moving on …

Can you help us with decorating as best as possible with what we have ?
We have redish tiles on the kitchen floor and the ugly cabinets are pinkish with blotches of white and light brown in the cabinet color. My main question now is what color to paint our kitchen walls with the floor tiles and cabinets we now have ? How can we make the cabinets stand on more, they are light pinkish and seem to disappear or get lost in the room next to the tiles. I should have went with the wood tone, but that is history now, and I have no more energy to argue with these people.
Thankyou all, Ric

Photos, please.

A nice calming egg shell blue.

Or a wild dark blue. With a waist line of small colorful tiles.

Hi, and thankyou for your help, can’t tell you how
much I need this advice. I don’t have a digital cam, so
I can try to describe the tiles and cabinets for you as best
I can. The tiles are the popular sandstone light reddish
tiles for the kitchen floor, the kitchen cabinets are a glossy
type finish, they are light pink with splotches of color in them
from whites to darker pinks, to very light browns, but the
dominant color is pink.

The cabinets seem to get lost in the room next to the slightly
darker sandstone reddish tiles. What do you think would
be the best color for the walls given this. Also what would
make the cabinets stand out more and transform these
disappointing cabinets into a nice kitchen area? Unfortunately
returning the cabinets is moot point, it is impossible at this
point, but your advice is really appreciated on decor and wall
paint color to transform the room. thanks !

You said that B&Q won’t refund, but is there any possibility that they’ll exchange it for a different color, or store credit?

If not, I’d paint the cabinets to match the tiles - maybe an earthy type color, like olive green. Then do the walls to match both.

Or go for complete contrast and paint the cabinets in a brilliant blue and the walls white - a kinda Mediterranean feel.

The tiles on the walls could be painted to bring down the pink a bit. Paint tiles by roughing them up with a sanding disk and medium grit sandpaper that would be used for automotive purposes. Prime the tiles with an alkalyd primer that sticks to anything. Make sure there’s no kitchen grease or dirt brfore you do this. Then paint them with any color you want, provided it’s a heavy duty oil/alkyld/melamine paint. Dress the stove area with a metal backdrop just in case you get crazy with the fire.

You can’t do much about the color of the floor tiles but you could hire somebody to tile over them with a thin skiff of concrete and a new color of tiles. Also: consider a polished concrete floor or even wood. You can buy those do it yourself wood planks with the rubber backing on them at B&Q and I think it would be fine for kitchens if installed properly.

I recommend white or a bone color for paint. Don’t get so fancy, it’s only a kitchen and it will easily get cluttered and dirty looking if you’re not careful. Places in Taiwan tend to be dark anyway. Look toward light.

If they messed up your counter/cupboard order, why exactly can’t you demand they fix the problem?

Hi, B and Q told us the wood cabinets are already cut
and cannot be refunded or replaced again,
and we selected the color from a tiny sample they showed
us at the showroom which looked more brown than the
pink color they gave us. They won’t budge and I would
rather try the best I can to transform the kitchen best I

all of the suggestions are great, the metal back drop, and all.
The tiles on the floor were just done a week ago, and are
brand new, so we didn’t want to mess with them. There
are no Tiles on the walls of this kitchen, it is all brick and
cement walls which will now be painted with the best color
we can choose. The counter tops I picked out are nice
they are white with a little pepper in the color. There will
be a “space” between the counter top and the cabinets and
I wanted to ask also if anyone has seen those tiny tiles they
sell in strips that you can attach to those spaces on the walls
between the counter top and the cabinets where there is now
bare wall, do you think those tiny tiles are a good idea and
where can I buy them please. Thanks

Since you’re spending so much on renovations and want our advice, why not spring for a cheap digital camera? They’re very useful.

I’m sure your kitchen will turn out well. I stiff recommend white or bone color as you can always paint it again later once you have a better idea of the finished product. Start using too much crazy color this early in the game and you might get a messy look.

I’m not sure about the tile strips but they are nice accents and a good idea. Some stores specialize with all things tile and will have some fancy stuff but they are usually out of the way and only used by builders.

Can you get shallac in Taiwan? I know they will stick to anything, even glass…

Its so hard to get the stuff I am used in Taiwan cause no one knows anything about paint…

Hi, now that we got the paint color settled, can you help us with the
kitchen appliance order, my wife and I are fighting over this like
crazy almost todivorce.

As you walk in the kitchen, there is a door straight ahead to the very left corner. All of our new appliances must be put to the right of this door and on this wall , going in an "L shape.

I want : Counter, Sink, Counter, then going the rest of the L shape,
Counter, Burner, Counter, Refrigerator.

wife wants: Burner, Counter, Sink, counter… then
a complete wall of Counter. then refrigerator.

What is the best order please. It will be an “L” shape, with my design the Sink is directly in front of the Window

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Its a man DESPERATE for advice on EVERY aspect of moving into a house. You should see what he’s posted over on the 'Ho. Mr. Blue, I’m interested – can you tie your own shoelaces?
So your arguing to the point of divorce over the kitchen cabinets, are you? Who does most of the cooking and washing up in your house? They’re the ones who get to choose that kind of shit. If its mostly your wife who does it, then you should back the fuck off and let her decide.