KMT cronyism? NEVER!

It’s only Greazeball the Sleazeball that played that game, surely? But no. Taipei veterans General Hospital is to get a new chief – none other than ex-Health Minister Lin Fang-yue who got shitcanned from the Health Ministry for his ineptitude over the melamine scandal. But it is NOT political payback, oh no! Why, even Lin himself says so. :laughing:

I’d like to get in on a kick-back scheme. A slush fund would be good too. Can someone hook me up?

I don’t understand why the KMT won’t just ditch useless politicians and bureaucrats. Surely it understands that if it cut people like this loose the public would congratulate them for it.

Or does it live in some fantasy world where good is bad and bad is good?

[quote=“Cueball”]I don’t understand why the KMT won’t just ditch useless politicians and bureaucrats. Surely it understands that if it cut people like this loose the public would congratulate them for it.

Or does it live in some fantasy world where good is bad and bad is good?[/quote]

No, they just live in the land where there won’t be any legitimate elections like in the bad old days of the Chiang Dynasty.

[quote=“Cueball”]I don’t understand why the KMT won’t just ditch useless politicians and bureaucrats. Surely it understands that if it cut people like this loose the public would congratulate them for it.

Or does it live in some fantasy world where good is bad and bad is good?[/quote]
Because the KMT are in Taiwan, where this kind of malarkey is the norm, whichever political persuasion floats your boat.
Just yet another reason to ridicule the politicians here as a bunch of slimy retards. :laughing:

You guys make it sound as if running the Taipei Veterans General Hospital is a promotion from a Cabinet level position in ROC.

I mean what does the melanin in the PRC have to do with the Taipei Veterans General Hospital? The hospital doesn’t have authority over PRC food imports, which is a good thing given Lin’s past history.

In some fields, people are promoted because they performed adeptly at their previous jobs. Rising in rank until they become terrible at a job. The irony of promotions, I guess.

But this system of demotions until a proper job is found, seems more realistic. Demoting a person until they sink to their proper level where they can excel.

How about calling this an iron bowl, AC?

I thought that’s why people wanted jobs in government. Postal workers don’t get fired for giving you the wrong package. Rail workers keep their jobs when the trains are late. The guy at the gas station can spill gas on a 50cc put-put and still come to work the next day. Cops that can’t contain a riot still bumbling around the next day.

Why would I expect some politician, green or blue, to enter the private sector after some bad publicity? CSB & LTH are still around, for pete sake, peddling political influence in Taiwan.

I wouldn’t go to TVH–no matter what Taiwan physician or politician is running it. The idiots told me I had leukemia a few years back. Total misdiagnosis. I’d rather get medical advice from a fortune teller than from that place.

I am surprised by Sandman’s interest in this. I thought he had off-island medical insurance. :laughing:

In any case, this person probably has a better resume than many of the ex-DPP appointments. Can someone remind me again? How many ex-ministers have been charged to date? :laughing: :smiley:

The whole veterans hospital is one of the most corrupt, poorly run, hospital systems in Taiwan regardless of who has been in power.

No understand. What has that to do with KMT cronyism?

ACD: why demote someone when you can just fire them and publicly ridicule them so they’ll never get another job apart from driving gas tanks around on their motorbike? that’s what should happen to incompetent corrupt twits, but this is the KMT brotherhood we are talking about, I suppose.

Sometimes you can guys can’t see the forest because there are all those damn trees in the way.

What’s the point of being a loyal stooge if they are going to screw you the first chance they get? Why did you pay all that money up and not expect anything. Think about it this way, this guy might be a producer, someone so adept at making money for the party that they need him in a position where they can maximize his earnings while limiting his ability to publicly screw up. Did they not put him in such a position?

Is anyone really going to care since no newspaper or TV show is unbiased and controlled by one party or the other, aka KMT and KMT-lite(aka DPP).

The sad thing is AC dropout has become more insightful and funny over time. At least those CCP funds are being well used.

You live in a funny world. but not haha funny.

Probably from a paternalistic point of view in organizational management. If you spend that much time indoctrinating an individual into an organizational culture, they still have value in the organization, maybe not in the role assigned. Good human resourse policy would be to find a role for that individual less demanding and more in line with their skill set.

I doubt there will be a milk scandal in the veterans hospital.

You live in a funny world. but not haha funny.[/quote]
I knew of one individual sent off to head a fertilizer company before he was finally terminated… :roflmao:

I guess it is all relative, if one use to hold a Cabinet position in government and is now forced to run a local hospital, it is humiliating.

This is a world of slights where being demoted is sometimes worst than being let go. Of course if one values a paycheck more than one values face/reputation/status, then it makes very little sense.

So I guess you are pretty well indoctrinated by the KMT, and have some value to their organization…

Dunno if any of you caught it on TV -TVBS, by the way- but some veterans denounced they felt betrayed by this guy’s appointment to the VH. As a matter of fact, they refused to shake his hand ON CAMERA. They were really pissed off and complained about being used.

I really feel a lot of respect for these veterans. They take no b.s.

News here:
Group opposes new hospital appointee

Lin Fang-yu will be an excellent hospital head: health minister

Retiree complaining? Possible WHA participation from Taiwan?

Sounds over hyped at this point.

Those veterans from the VH came out of retirement to complain because the younger generation is intimidated into submission and fear the consequences of speaking their minds in an economic environment where the boss and big business rules.

Those veterans, if you must know, were WSR -since you like the labeling of people- but are already fed up of being used. They are not clogs in the machine, they are not just stepping stones for other people’s power trips. They want the VH to be a good hospital, not a cradle for cronyism.

Where I come from, belonging to the official party means you do not have to pay your dues. Someone else picks up your messes, someone else does your work and you get the glory. But then, the population is slaved by clientism, they become addicts to populism. Hence, there is nothing I dislike more than this idea that the “glorious and enlighted” One Party will save us from ourselves. No thanks, I’ve lived through that before, and it doesn’t work.

The guy made a mistake, a political mistake. It was OK for him to retake his career, but he should have done so more humbly. The retirees are right to complain saying there are capable people in their hospital, and certainly choosing from within is better for morale. Assigning someone on a political basis for a supposedly non political position attracts too much unwanted attention and negative reactions.

To be fair, in an environment where big businesses are protected fiercely, Lin’s actions speak more of party and government policies that hide stuff under the rug rather than face the music. Or as they said around: downplay the scandal or people will not buy our products. No matter the consequences to people’s health. Money is what matters. And we gotta be kind to those who paid our way to power.

And we do agree that the WHA bruhaha is quite overhyped.