KMT rally on TVBS stole music from "Pirates of the Caribbean

My in-laws are all huddled around the TV watching this political rally. There was Taiwan’s answer to the Village People, then a part kind of like “King Kong” where the natives go “Kong! Kong! Kong!” except Ma Ying-jiou comes on stage instead of a giant gorilla…I left then. Anyway, the same music was playing throughout, and I could swear that it was the orchestral theme from “Pirates of the Caribbean Part III: At the World’s End.” Am I imagining things? Did they “pirate” the music, or did the right people get paid? (I can’t imagine the composer would have been a KMT supporter…)

So friggin’ what?

I went past a DDP rally here and they were playing the ‘Macarena’ song…does ASCAP have an international toll-free tip line?

Both camps have made liberal use of movie music throughout the campaign. It’s hardly anything new.

MA is the coolest he can do whatever he wants, as long as he stay good looking. Aside from the obviouse fact that " good looking = great president. "

If it was Hsieh being spotting wearing King-Kong suit, and playing PoC music, TVBS would most likely be all over it with negative comments.

I wonder if someone’s gonna tell that guy waving the US/map-of-Taiwan flag that Hartzell and Dr. Lin lost their court case.

Or Frank Hsieh that he showed up at the wrong rally.