knobbly tyres vs slicks


just replaced gatorskins with schwalbe marathon. The gatorskins were great at first but after about 5000km getting occasional punctures, 10,000km getting punctures often. Marathons seem heavier but i don’t get terrible fear of rough roads. But it is to soon for me to tell.
In your experiences does the slick configeration big difference?


Maybe @fjp008 can help with a response?


I used to run good, light tyres (Schwalbe One, Conti 4000 etc). Then I tried the Vittoria Randonneur and at 0 punctures / 15000km I can safely say I won’t be buying racing tyres again anytime soon.


15,000km! that’s really outstanding… you don’t miss any performance aspect?


Yes, the bike clearly feels a bit slower, but I got so many flat tyres before switching to the Rando…it’s a night and day difference. I gladly take the hit in speed. Also, they’re much cheaper than race tyres, and if you add to that how long they last it adds up to a nice sum of saved up $$$ over the years.


yes, i think this is the way i will go