Ko Wen-je


If he’s so uncaring and calculating, he wouldn’t be in so much trouble he’s in.


The problem with the dome was that the changes that the building company made without authorization and going off the especifications as per the original plans not only ruined the structure but most of all, made it unfit to harbor baseball, for which it was supposedly built. It does not correspond to international standards as it was requested in the contract. Moreover, this is not the first time the same architect ruins a sports facility, which makes anyone with half a brain wonder why he was given the task to build another sports facility…plus he failed again by going off script a second time?! It does arouse suspicious of collusion and, in effect, sabotage. With what purpose?

If I ask you to build a table and you give me a pot holder, that is a problem. It may be a good pot holder but it is not what I need, what I asked you to do nor what I paid for. It may be a pretty pot holder and you may tell me I can eat on it…but it is not right. In thsi case, teh pot holder is not even stiched right; it has broken glas and nails in it. It cannot be used.


Im not up on the details, but wasn’t the reason that it was unsafe that Farglory decided to shoehorn a shopping mall and hotel into the design at a later date ?


I personally don’t like him that much. I feel like he and I can’t be bros. that’s really important to me in elected officials as stupid as it sounds. If I can’t be in a room alone with you and have a good time and have things to talk about. I personally wouldn’t vote for you.

I met Ma many times. As a mayor as a kid and as the president. Always thought he had a nice smile but no back bone. Turns out I was right.


As a tax payer, I don’t want my mayor to be my bro. I want him/her to make the city a better place to live. In Taipei (and elsewhere is Taiwan) this means stopping some folks we could politely call unscrupulous (I have other adjectives, but since this is a family site I will refrain from using them) from grabbing everything they can. The dome scandal, the twin tower scandal, the massive overcost of the ridiculous basketball facility in Daan–the list goes on.

I think the reason the Beimen zone renewal gets positive reviews is that everyone can see a massive change (highly positive) in a much-neglected area–a change that is good for tourism and also civic pride in the history of our city, going from late Qing into some handsome Japanese colonial area structures. Dr Ko is not my bro but he has helped to oversee these changes–ones that amazingly do not include yet another shopping mall/hotel/blah blah complex.

That’s my two NTD.



How did you meet him when he was the President?
In the President’s office?


As long as you did not shake his hand, everything’s peachy.


Did he ever hug and kiss some kids during public events? That’s like a death sentence.


I think that area is very important. I remember when I arrived in Taiwan and got off the bus -they dropped you on the curve at that time, in Zhongxin road- the seediness of the place made me wonder what the heck had I done. Next fellow student off the bus wanted to stay on and go back to the airport.

With such an influx of international travelers as Taiwan has seen in these few years, and this area being the first encounter, it was negligent to leave it in such a mess. First impressions and all that jazz.


I agree. The Beimen area changes are especially notable as they have lined up nicely with the (long awaited!) opening of the Taoyuan Airport MRT line. The terminus is right in this zone.



Since I was a child I’ve lamented an historic building such as Beimen wasn’t given the respect it deserves. Historic gates in Europe and Korea are treated like tourist destinations, and Beimen was sandwiched between two overpasses.

In hind sight it was a good thing I guess. The KMT wanted to tear Beimen down, so they didn’t convert the Southern Fujian styled historic building into a Northern Chinese styled gate like the other remaining gates. The gate in front of the presidential palace and the Xiaonanmen gate are pretty much unrecognizable after their “remodelling” in the 60s and the 70s. The two supposed “historic buildings” have KMT emblems on them for crying out loud.

The East gate, now becomes this monstrosity in front of the presidential palace…


So Beimen was saved by the people who wanted to destroy it in a way…

Now when I visit the area with Beimen and other historic buildings featured prominently, I feel like it’s what the place should have always looked like.

Seeing the Japanese era railroad bureau through the Qing dynasty gate.

What Taipei district should they renovate next?

Relax! Didn’t you hear? The World Chinese Leader just got acquitted in that leak case. Everything’s peachy, for now. :rainbow:


Teflon rules.

But I mean the Handshake of Death. Seems Andrew was spared.

Does anyone have the picture/video of the dog backing up from Ma in fear? It is a police dog and they wanted him to shake Ma’s hand. The dog knew.




We had it, or at least a still from it, in another thread.


But I need the video to make a reaction gif ! It will be my default answer to any question ever!


It is a GSD. A police or drug sniffing dog. He knew!


It’s even better! I need that video more and more!


I met him as a kid at a Christmas event as he is catholic and another kids event. As the president I met him at the end of my 4 day trek with my group through toroko when he was campaigning and some other random event he was speaking at.


Mr. Ma waved at me once from his campaign jeep (I’m sure it was me because I was the only one on the sidewalk at the time). I was tempted to flip him the bird, but I didn’t want to mess up my immigration status.