Ko Wen-je


It’s silly to actually believe that people will start using public transportation just because the mayor is using it.


It’s called “leading by example”.


HUUUUUUUR, so if the mayor jumped off a bridge, you would too? HURRRRR.


HUUUUUUR, it’s called “bungee jumping,” HUUUUUURRR.




Is this some kind of weird Asperger’s cult? Just wondering…




Dream on.


Two recent endorsements from people who might not always agree with each other:



Not that he needs anymore social media presence, but this was pretty cool.

However, I’m a bit skeptical his AC is only set to 26C for the past couple weeks.


We’ve yet to turn the AC on this year in our apartment. Fans suffice.


We have it at 26 in our bedroom, mainly because anything below 25 sends my wife in hypothermia.

Which leads us to two conclusions:

a) Ko might have a meimei hiding in his office
b) I need a private bedroom during summer