Ko Wen-je

two days ago, there were 1.7k comments on Ko’s FB post.

And then the scandal of VIP vaccination broke and continue to spread like wildfire. We see the latest number of comments a little earlier today:


as I am punching for this post, the number is rising to 17.3k.

That FB post was posted around midnight. I think Ko has made a political blunder with the timing of that post. for several reasons.It made Ko appear to be like a drowning man desperate for oxygen. He intended his stock tricks, mixing half truth, compassionate jingos, and lies, to work as before. This time he met with a swarm of angry comments. I noticed that lots of these comments came from FB accounts with real name and real person pictures. They probably had never posted on any politician’s FB page.

The number has just risen to 17.9k.

We are seeing a political typhoon forming for Ko. In it, Ko’s supports will be stripped to bare bone. And if he has any secret connection with the Chinese Communist Party, I hope it will be uncovered.

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He’s the worst. I dislike him more than I dislike Korean Fish.

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This constant updating of the number of posts seems a little obsessive…

For People who don’t like Han, Han is more entertaining and spontaneous. Ko is not a real person anymore. Recent memes about Ko focus on his contriving facial expressions.

I did it out of intellectual curiosity. The internet provides us an unique opportunity
to record in real time the dynamics when a political trend evolves. I don’t have programming skill for web-scrapping, so I chose to do it in a peasant manner.

He’s annoying but at least he is smart.

Thank god the other guy is not our current president.


Maybe in a surgical way. Emotionally he is worse than a teenager.


Han is still a source of funny meme. “Luckily I was recalled.”, said Han.

On top, Kaohsiung mayor is on top of everything in terms of vaccination organization. The rest is a bunch of KMT asshole mayors, and that Ko,

Taipei residents be alerted!!! You may get vaccination much later than those living in other cities. There is slight chance you may not even get it at all. Here is a serious complaint about the chaoic situation of vaccination registration in Taipei. The complaint is made by a clinical doctor in his FB page just now.
screen shot:

"What is City of Taipei thinking, really?
It wants to have a go for clinics to deliver vaccination on 6/15.
Then it does not allow them to let people sing up via the original healthcare registration platform.
Instead, the City pushes down a different sign-up software it created.
Yet, tt turns out the software is not finished with coding?
Yet, just now the programming representative [the doctor talked to] said the software could not be tested?
What unpredictable consequences that software will create?
I really run out of words.

It’s possible we cannot help with Covid vaccination at all.
Too disappointing!"

Those are the words of Dr. Lin Sihong 林思宏.

The sky is falling. The sky is falling.

No, when Tsai administration has a better sign-up software ready. news link

Maybe mayor Ko tries really hard to mis-manage vaccine deployment. He won’t be able to stop Taipei residents from getting vaccine.

A politician’s career ends where their clown memes begin.

Ko:”It’s this… Give me one good horse so I can move fast.”
Characters on his horse’s butt: epidemic prevention materials.

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Upper: People asked A-Bei, “What are you sniffing so hard?”
Lower: A-Bei answered, “Han’s fans.”

The character 粉, pronounced as /f e n/ (schwa e), is used as a pun. It originally means powder and flour-like substance. And then it obtained a new meaning as a fan or fans of some celebrity.

The meme is downloaded from the FB page of its creator 蕭瑩燈 Hsiao Yingdeng.