Koh Tao in November

So I’m in dire need of a holiday. I’ve been told that there are still one or two places on Koh Tao that are very peaceful and quiet once you get away from the backpackers and divers.
All I want to do is a spot of lazing, reading, boozing and snorkeling. I don’t even need a beach. Rocks are fine for me.
Anyone been there? Are there boats from Samui to Tao? Are there direct flights to Samui? I don’t really fancy overnight train trips and several-hour boatrides.

Was in Koh Tao earlier this year. Very laid back, very nice. Fly to Samui if you really want to avoid the train, but I gotta say Missus Huang, the little princess and I rather liked the overnight sleeper trip.

We stayed at Chalok Ban Kao, which is just around the corner from Shark Bay, and relatively sheltered from the prevailing winds for god afternoon snorkelling. You can pop right around to shark bay and take in the sharks. The little princess, Messus Huang and I were rather pleasantly surprised to see a cute little 2 foot reef shark gliding past.


If nurse Ratchett says its laid back then that’s good enough for me. Sounds like just what I need. Is the weather OK in November? It seems to be the rainiest month of the year there from what I can tell.
View Rock resort is where our friends have been going for the last 22 years and it looks just about rustic enough for me.

Mate, there’s only so much water that can get down your snorkel. it doesn’t matter.