Korean BBQ in Taipei

Hi; I’m new in town and really missing a great Korean BBQ restaurant we had where we were before. Can anyone recommend a good place in Taipei including an address? Thanks for any help.

After Hot Pot, I think Korean BBQ is the most overrated dining experience.

That said, there’s a place in the Mandarin Hotel on Dunhua North Road.

While I don’t share your view on Korean BBQ, I do think you make a damn fine 'za. Thanks for the info and see ya soon.

I somewhat agree with Alley on this one, but if this is what you are looking for, there is one by Juniors in Shida that my wife’s family swares is the best in Taipei. Very small and always packed, but very good.

Korean BBQ is best enjoyed during cold weather. Once you have had Korean BBQ and soup with a bottle of soju during a bitter cold day, you’ll know what “satiated” means. It’s the same feeling after say, finishing the last slice of an Alleycat pizza :smiley: (ok ok, I’m a suckup :rainbow: )

The reason some of you don’t seem too impressed by Korean BBQ is because places like the one on Shida Lu are considered the best in Taipei. It may well be, but it is definitely only a shadow of the delights awaiting you in South Korea. I and my Korean acquaintances agree that there is no place with really good Korean food in Taipei.

I agree!!! After one year in Seoul and a year in Tianjin where you find a pretty authentic Korean restaurant about every 50m (at least back in '96), I have yet to find really good Korean food in Taipei.

Btw, there are loads of Korean BBQ places in Tingzhou Lu and its lanes around Kungkuan.


I went there tonight, and yeah if that is the best place in Taipei, then just forget it. I’m used to really good, Korean Food, in Seattle (yes they have really good authentic places there, so many Koreans) and this place sucked. I feel sorry for all the people that this will be their only experience with Korean Food :raspberry:

I found what I consider a pretty decent place for Korean BBQ. It’s located in the food court of Taipei 101, across from the KFC. Sorry I can’t supply a name, but it isn’t romanized and I can’t read Chinese.

A set meal of three side dishes, meat, rice, vegetables and a drink costs NT$200.

sorry, my mistake. It’s across from the subway.