🗑 ⚽ Korfball | IKF World Korfball Championship 2023 in Taipei

Who loves Korfball?

The World Cup of Korfball is on right now at Taiwan Gymnasium on Nanjing East Road (near the Taipei Arena, 小巨蛋).

If you want to watch the best Korfballers in the world play some Korfball and compete to find out who is the best, well you’re in luck.

Tickets are free but you have to register on the Accupass App.

Information: International Korfball Federation | Upcoming Events IKF World Korfball Championship 2023

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I was tempted to say, why do we need korfball when there is basketball, but that wouldn’t be nice. Instead I am watching a bit of the Chinese Taipei - Ireland game and try to get acquainted to the sport.

First thing I have noticed. Mixed teams! That alone is something interesting. Also, players don’t seem to be very athletic or tall. The baskets look a bit cheap and flimsy. I’d prefer a net. Hate baskets without nets on outdoor basketball courts. I think there are more ways to score if you have a backboard, but instead you can go behind the basket here. Mmmh.

Taiwan is one of the good team in the sport? Go Taiwan!

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Oooooh there’s commentary for the Taiwan - Ireland game! Wicked!

Watching now. Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) plays again on Sunday. Should be a blast!

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Semifinal live!


7-4 after one, jia you!
12-13 after two, Taiwan can’t find the bucket
16-15 after three, back on top, now finish them off!

Yeah, Ya Wen-Lin with two daggers

One minute to go, two up

YESSS! That was fun two watch.

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Looks a lot like netball

Compared to basketball they shoot a whole lot of air balls, but anyway, great that the Taiwan team is good at it. Also great to see a team sport with men and women on the same team and the star player is a woman. The Dutch were on to something when they invented this game.

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It was a great match. Taiwan has some good players! I think Netherlands will be too strong on Sunday but at least Taiwan will have the home crowd behind them! Looking forward to it in any case.

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